A Moore Unique Perspective


I thought the time-wave that traces the course of American politics had hit rock bottom in about 1994, never suspecting another Bush was waiting in the wings to send it hurtling further downward.  Now, as the Roy Moore Senatorial campaign continues to plague the Republican Party and the nation, Americans are being compelled to concede that America has a putrid, disgusting layer that lies beneath even the sordid “Trump-o-trope.” Continue reading


More ‘Bang’ for your Buck


I probably shouldn’t acknowledge the fact to more sophisticated readers, but I’m a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, CBS’ dinosaur-of-a-comedy series which would have been canceled four years ago if they had anything with which to replace it but another cop show.  (“How about a cop show featuring genius detectives who use quantum physics to catch young black men carrying weed?” Probably was a hard-sell with the sponsors.)  Continue reading

American Integrity


If you are among the 83 million-or-so Americans born after the deification of King Dutch the Great in 1980, you might find this concept difficult to grasp.  But I swear it’s true.  America used to have integrity.  Honesty used to be a factor in political discourse.  We once had leaders who led, rather than bullied.  And we could once, with good conscience, take pride in calling ourselves Americans. Continue reading

The Myth of the Patriotic Conservative


I’m not sure if I have a Congressman, anymore.  My district either is or was represented by a classic business suit Republican named Tim Murphy.  If you’ve been following the story, I’m sure you understand my doubts.

If you haven’t, the sordid summary is as follows:  Congressman Murphy unexpectedly announced he would be “retiring” after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette obtained text messages he had allegedly written, allegedly instructing his alleged mistress to abort his alleged baby while he was co-sponsoring legislation which sought to prevent other women from doing the same thing. Continue reading

Budgeting for Morons


Greetings from Pennsylvania, the land of the Alt Budget.

Unable to pass a balanced budget during the three years they’ve controlled both chambers of the Legislature, our Republican leaders have announced a new, typically ingenious plan in which they will pass a patently “unbalanced budget” – in direct violation of the Commonwealth’s own Constitution – then offset the billion-and-a-half funding gap by failing to disperse the funds intended for our colleges and universities. Continue reading

Selective Outrage: A Bipartisan Hypocrisy


One of the greatest political predicaments facing America is the issue of tribalism and partisanship. The problem is rampant. The political atmosphere has become one of two warring camps at constant odds with one another with a complete inability to find any common ground. The people are incredibly divided. Democrats and Republicans have become factions in a perpetual political civil war. Continue reading

Humans Are Parasites


In relation to the earth, humans are parasites. This is not a metaphor or some pop culture reference to Agent Smith from the Matrix. Humanity’s relationship to nature and the biosphere is largely, if not, exclusively, parasitic. The model by which humanity organizes itself and its resources is one of uni-directional, linear, unending, consumption that is entirely at the expense of the Earth. Continue reading