Selective Outrage: A Bipartisan Hypocrisy

One of the greatest political predicaments facing America is the issue of tribalism and partisanship. The problem is rampant. The political atmosphere has become one of two warring camps at constant odds with one another with a complete inability to find any common ground. The people are incredibly divided. Democrats and Republicans have become factions in a perpetual political civil war. Continue reading


Humans Are Parasites

In relation to the earth, humans are parasites. This is not a metaphor or some pop culture reference to Agent Smith from the Matrix. Humanity’s relationship to nature and the biosphere is largely, if not, exclusively, parasitic. The model by which humanity organizes itself and its resources is one of uni-directional, linear, unending, consumption that is entirely at the expense of the Earth. Continue reading

Thursday Night NewsWave – March 9, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump Doesn’t Deserve Sympathy From Liberals

(Liberal America) – As reported by Liberal America; author, podcaster and gay-rights advocate Dan Savage has no sympathy for First Lady Melania Trump and neither should anyone else, especially Liberals. Of course, all of Trump’s supporters — those who are willingly misguided — are weaponized Nazis (conservatives) who have attempted to normalize their hatred as an American value.

Their hatred towards, minorities and women are fully represented in their “president,” and they’re determined to use the traditions of pedestal worship given to all first ladies to demand acceptance of theirs. Fuck that. She’ll get no sympathy here. One should be “liberal” in their attacks on everything and everyone claimed by Trump, including Melania. Dan Savage explains why she deserves it, but he really shouldn’t have to.

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Flat Earth, Trump And The Death Of Argument

It started out as a curiosity.  My wife frequently must wake up much earlier than I need to for work and goes to bed at an ungodly boring hour, long before I’m tired, leaving me to my own devices.  On such occasions, with mostly rubbish on television, I’ll settle into a cocktail, fire up my laptop or phone screen, and turn to social media for entertainment.  This is how I first came to debate “flat-earthers” on Facebook.
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