"Texas Libertarian Candidate & Texas Immigration Reform"

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After the historic shut down that recently took place, all of the talking heads started predicting the next stand-off. What’s the next legislative ‘obstacle course’ these politicians are gonna drag us through now? Everyone weighed in that it would be immigration.
As predicted — it’s the ‘bitch of the bunch’.
It looks like the Democrats want to vote on immigration reform before the end of the year, but again, Republicans want to ‘walk’ the process by enforcing different parts of a separate bill piece-by-piece while the Democrats wants pass their entire chunk. As of this writing, three Republicans have sided with the Democrats.
Obviously, Texas being a border state is definitely making this the main topic for the upcoming election and everyone’s moving quickly to fight against or for immigration reform.
One group of activists referred to as Stop The Magnet (STM) have been busy demanding that the law be enforced to keep ‘the illegals’ out of Texas. Their argument is that an open border threatens:
…overpopulated schools, rising taxes and crime, declining property values as illegal aliens are accessing our taxpayer funded infrastructures.” – Elizabeth Theiss (founder)

They further state in their site pagethat accusations of ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ deflect from their cause.

While the mainstream media focuses on the grassroots agenda of the tea party and that of the traditional parties of the right and left, one Libertarian candidate for the upcoming Texas election, is campaigning on allowing our Mexican neighbors to cross freely; a similar effort that previous Mexican presidents have supported

According to STM, candidate Gene Chapman was asked about his stance on immigration reform but claimed that there was no reply therefore nothing was posted. On Chapman’s blog however, he posted “Stop the Magnet” Is Immoral, which was apparently his actual response to STM’s questions concerning immigration.

The spurring of the topic startedby the doing away of Perry’s instate-tuition for the children of illegal immigrants. Even if the immigration reform bill isn’t dealt with in Washington, it’s going to be the center of everything here in Texas. 

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