RODEO CLOWN ROUNDUP! "A Brief Review Of Recent Incumbant Embarrassments and The Candidates Who Need To Replace Them"

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Jon Mark
With all the commotion and fuss among the Republican party with the recent ‘unpopular’ re-election wins in New Jersey, New York and Virginia follows a chain reaction throughout the Republican party. It almost seems like the perfect distraction away from other events that have taken place in Texas politics over these last few months.
Yes, Abbott and Davis are in the spot light but we want to look at some of the U.S. House incumbents from Texas who have been responsible for the recent government shut down and how unflinching they are when they take advantage of ignorance of vulnerable voters who don’t have the ability to fact check any of the information they’re fed.
It’s so ridiculous, you would think that some of our incumbents either believe their own shit or know they have an easy win for re-election with no candidate to challenge them.
We’ve had to endure one event after another of Republicans who still do and say anything to oppose the President regardless of what it could mean for the rest of us and yet it’s still shocking when you have Representative like Rep.LouieGohmert insinuating conspiracy theoriesabout a secret security force within a section of the Affordable Care Act.
While Gohmert continues to frighten up support in Texas, Rep. JoeBartonwas in Washington accusingthe Obama administration of secretly hiding malicious source code on the Obamacare site so that a user can ‘waive their rights to privacy’ away. His gotcha moment was a complete ‘fail‘, but it doesn’t stop him or others like Rep. Ralph Hall who was eager to impress Sebelius with his comedic ‘chops‘ during her grilling over the site.
Can we set some term limits for these guys? I mean, Rep. Hall has been in his seat since 1980 and he really could give a shit at this point, Gohmert is the newest of the three elected in 2004 and he already seems to not care and Barton has been in his seat since 1984.
One of his challengers is Libertarian Hugh Chauvinwho, when asked about his reason for running against Barton stated:
I also find it disturbing that he has been a ‘no show’ for voting in congress 1016 times during his 27 year career in government. This is an average of 37 times a year.”
We’re happy to find that Shirley J. McKellar(D), is challenging Gohmert and Libertarian J.P. Raleyis going for Ralph Hall’s seat. Raley is competing against four other Republicans. It’s really time we gave these clowns ‘the boot.’

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