"Texas U.S. House Aides Tamper with Reps’ Shitty Image Via Wikipedia"

Last month I wrote a post about a couple of ‘clowns‘ we hope get the boot during next year’s mid-terms. Once these dudes start acting up or in Ralph Hall’s defense, not act at all, they’ll just keep doing it again and again. Well, a recent article from the Dallas Morning News spotlights those same clowns where they’re staffers are apparently cleaning up Wikipedia articles that show their scandals and failings.

Now, people who have an ‘axe to grind’ with Wikipedia, will say anything to downplay it’s power but I give people a little more credit in that they know how to use Wikipedia to conduct research. This act however is just proof that there’s no contender in their district, or that their voters are so disconnected and kept ‘in the dumb’ that all they need to do is manipulate some articles to keep the vote in their favor.

It’s just like Dignam said in ‘The Departed’, “… are like mushrooms, feed them shit and keep them in the dark.”

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