Low Blow #1

“Rancher Cliven Bundy calls ‘spade’ a spade”

I love it when dumb folks play their role right, well enough for sensitive factious and splintered parties to take another hit like the one they took today, when compost for brains Cliven Bundy, opened his liberty spewing mouth.

I also have to thank the wrathful tyrant of the sky that mass media is around and the climate is what it is to distribute his message quickly, so we can watch representatives scatter during an election year, in what NBC news described as Republicans scrambled to distance themselves from him

Look guys, I have some serious anxiety issues when we don’t hear stuff like this. Every time there’s a gap of major stories where Rethugliklans aren’t taking a hit, I think about the redistricting issues going on in this state, I think about Greg Abbott’s buckling war chest, I think about anonymous donors to conservative causes and I think about how they are constantly chiseling away at the public with advertisements that drive the message of church and liberty. I also get creeped out at how they rush to learn Spanish and bring tacos to the Latino Rethugliklan groups, with cheddar cheese.

That’s not how you eat tacos folks, it’s just creepy how hard these Koch suckers try. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that most of us Latinos think Jeb Bush had an agenda forty three years ago, when he eye-balled Columba in Leon. He knows what he’s doing.

The Borowitz report while hilarious is just that for a reason, because there’s some truth in there. It’s no secret that these people want the big chair, but just when you turn your focus on something else, something more immediate and important in your life, something like this happens and it becomes clearer and clearer to me that they’ll address minorities in code-speak and just blatantly side with anti-civil rights agendas right in front of everybody!

Ugh. Just say it guys! Say that you’re a bunch of bigots and be done with it! Just stop with the act already, we’re getting bored with it. Guys, we can all see you through your sheet!

3 thoughts on “Low Blow #1

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