“What if Silicon Valley were to fall into the “right” hands?”

Danbo and Domo meet a new friend in Silicon Valley” is under License Some rights reserved by Takashi(aes256)  Click image to read article on Allvoices

The op-ed article from the image above puts together everything necessary to a right-wing agenda to form in Silicon Valley. That being said, it should be our responsibility to move forward and make sure we don’t leave an opening for them to lead.

Conservatives have never been known to be very good with technology. It speed bumps their agenda, when they realize it’s made by liberal hands and minds. To quote my op-ed;

Santa Clara is still-water, breeding mosquitoes rather than a moving stream of innovation and democracy.

It’s one thing to come at politics from the top, but the lower rung of the tech industry targets young tech-savvy individuals who are far more politically independent because of it, but let’s say you want to sell candy to kids? What better way to do it than to hire a pedophile? A rough analogy for Aaron Ginn;

Mr. Ginn, who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, describes himself as socially and fiscally conservative. But not right away. Instead, he takes a back-door approach to finding like-minded people with tech skills. He picks gently around the issues, rarely even mentioning the party name. “I avoid saying ‘Republican’ so people don’t think I’m part of crazy right-wing stuff,” Mr. Ginn said.

It’s all about the timing guys. Hopefully the quote from that piece by the New York times made the analogy make sense, but I’m not very confident that I don’t have stupid readers so I’ll just say that I wasn’t calling Aaron Ginn a pedophile. I just don’t like the right.

Capable people, like Mr. Ginn, are able to entice new talent by setting up these hackathons, and we already know where all of this is heading.

3 thoughts on ““What if Silicon Valley were to fall into the “right” hands?”

  1. Sadly, I worked for “The Lord’s Help Desk” before and it sucked. Nothing like having a stark, raving, lunatic for a boss who would listen to gospel music through mini-headphones so loud that I had to tell her to turn it down or she’d grow deaf. Her retort is the stuff of legend, “You can’t tell me I’m gonna’ go deaf! Only GOD has the power to make me DEAF!” My retort was epic, “I hate to break it to you, but if you prayed everyday with all your might to stop using the bathroom, you’re going to be very disappointed everyday when you have to go to the toilet.”

    I really can’t say I felt comfortable receiving religious propaganda at Halloween with a comic that attempted to suggest that Satanists curse candy on a pentagram and then give it to “Johnny” and “Sue” who immediately become rebellious, disobedient, and start drinking, smoking, and wearing leather.

    If the divine “Right” manage to acquire Silicon valley, then the US will loose tech forever. They will run the corporations into the ground, calling them a blight against God. I mean, look what they are trying to do to science? Imagine what they’ll do to tech?

  2. I’d hate to think that they’ll win, but when they start getting this close while they eat away at the public with their hardline; I start to wonder how soon before they break through. They’re like zombies. You get a nice pile up at the barn, it’s just a matter of time before they bring down the doors.

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