“The Bowe Bergdahl exchange is such a non-story”

When news about this exchange took place, I knew it was going to do what it did; get the media hungry conservatives to launch attacks on the Obama administration for releasing five terrorists.

Knowing this and watching it play out exactly that way is embarrassing to watch.

Simply because we should be better than that, and we’re not.

I’m going to make a very real generalization as say there are two bases of opinion here.


Politicians against the nation

The first comes from the American people, who just want their family together and the politicians who want thrive off the double standard.

John McCain is one of the few who right on camera tries to congratulate the family and then starts stabbing war weary Americans with how it was done.

Then there are right-wing spooks like Mike Rogers who leads the party on the spy and national threat factor to everything against the Obama administration, who said:

“I have little confidence in the security assurances regarding the movement and activities of the now released Taliban leaders and I have even less confidence in this Administration’s willingness to ensure they are enforced.”

Both of these are going against what American families want.

Who’s asses they should be kissing, for doing their dirty work.


Mass media instigation routine

So we got one of our own back safely from being held captive for five years.

It’s stories like these that should really side more with the American people and turn the mics off when Republicans start weighing in.

But that can’t happen because the right-wing media machine will give them plenty of mics to speak through.

At this point, the only thing mass media is doing is trying to instigate another debate about what should or shouldn’t have been done.

Stop it.

Shut the fuck up and move on. We’re happy he’s back and we don’t need to talk about the what ifs and give the fear mongers more air time.

This is where you can see the flaws of mass media, because all the major news services are sticking with the story, when they need to put that energy into something else.

Everyone sees it happening and it’s embarrassing.

Also, we all know this is a timely political move from the administration.

Any idiot knows that.

Obama had this one in his back pocket, and it’s definitely going to score the left more points.

Mostly because it was the right thing to do.

I did feel a bit embarrassed however during his foreign policy speech when he stressed that terror was the main threat.

Cause we just don’t believe that’s true, and it’s not that the target is on us so much as the government for decades of imperialistic foreign policies.

As someone said on the Diane Rhem show recently, “Americans are more likely to die from heart failure than a terrorist attack” is so true that it too is embarrassing, and anyone who disagrees with this should be shunned for being out of their minds.

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