Republicans Vs. The rest of us: It’s time to tune out the tone deaf


After the president’s briefing yesterday over immigration reform, it became pretty clear that the Republican obstructionists (redundant, I know), will become even more vicious having more reason to go into attack mode against the president’s no choice but to use executive power.

So far, there hasn’t been anything from the right but attacks to stop the administration at every turn.
How can any law maker think that immigration reform isn’t an important enough issue to take on, especially when it’s one of the most discussed issues among Americans from the border states all the way to the hard and crispy center of America?

The only reason is because Republican obstructionism of the immigration issue falls into the same routine of inaction that they’ve been supporting since Obama has been in office.

Any reasonable person in the oval office who has a term limit dead line, knows they have to make more than minimal effort to pass laws.

Which is why, even when we were against Bush’s executive decisions, he stood by them and pushed them through.

It’s very interesting to me that people willingly forget about stuff like that when it suits them and when they try to argue with me about it, they assume I don’t remember the Bush years which like other Republicans they’re really hoping most of us forgot.

This is the reason the Republicans have succeeded in rallying up people because they’ve taken advantage of the fact that people have short-termed memories where all they have to do is keep up the level of vitriol and wear down those with longer memories, sometimes going as far as dismissing them and even farther with twisting history and at the same time, work up the people with short-termed ones.

They’ve been doing this for six years, what’s another two?

This would explain why the polling doesn’t phase the right because they don’t need to do anything but spin the shit out of their message and adjust it in order to keep up their attacks against the left.
That spin machine strengthens their numbers and expands their base so that they are willingly tone deaf.

In reality, they’re becoming less important against modernization and would have to become, at least, more left of center short of switching parties to keep up with the consensus, so they’re not so much against the Democrats as much as they’re really against everyone else. They’re just embedding themselves within small governments everywhere, establishing more hard liners under the message of being anti-Obama.

This is the case where this climate of this right-wing spin cycle breeds the kind of lawmakers we’re going to have to deal with after 2016 and they know it.

What we need to start doing is tune them out.

They’ve brought nothing to the table, they finance the spin cycle and cut checks to obstructionist pundits who weave in and out of the message simply to come against the rational and common sense of consensus.

It can’t be good for progress, but they don’t care about that. They care more about obstruction no matter what the cost.

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