What stuck with me about “The Oath”

The news about the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011 made me feel as if we had crossed the threshold separating the Bush and Obama administration. I felt like the mess had been cleaned up in the midst of a changing foreign policy and a more distant relationship with the Middle East. A more positive turn out than the fictionalized portrayal in Zero Dark Thirty.

“The Oath” refers to the one made between bin Laden and his closest circle and just how durable it is with the state sponsored terrorism ideology of today. Now, I think it pretty much holds up against what we think terrorism is today; fourteen years into the 21st century since 9/11 where we have a new generation raised under authoritarian governments who see “terrorism” in everything.

Between the that and the news about the Jihadists today, is another story about those associates of bin Laden who have been rehabilitated through the U.S. justice system and living normal if zealous lives.  (continue reading)

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