“The gun advocates’ excuse for hunting and self-defense”

‘MF_3077’ (mrg.bz/h9rmSd) is a morgueFile free photo By taliesin (morguefile.com/creative/taliesin)


I’m not a reporter, or a journalist nor am I trying to be one.

I’m just a dude who has some opinions they want to express and using this format to do so.

So far, anything you’ve read on here isn’t professional nor is it meant to be.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to invite a gun advocate to a fight with our bare hands.

Because every time there’s some topic about guns, the one’s on top (who don’t actually believe their guns will be taken away) tend to convince the people at the bottom that their rights are being taken away.

We all know where this conversation is going right?

And we all know that what I’m saying is true, but people chose to not believe that and completely misdirect the conversation for their own means.

But then, no body likes anyone who doesn’t take a side on this issue.

So of course I have one as I’ve mentioned before.

I felt the need to get more specific to a gun advocates’ comment and a blogger’s post by writing another one on it. (continue reading)

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