“Everyone’s opinion on what a humanitarian crisis is, IS the problem”

In response to the “humanitarian crisis” of immigrants coming from Honduras, here is a story that talks about the gangs that are a big part of the border problem. Calling Honduras the ‘murder capital of the world’ means nothing if you don’t see it.

For a long time Americans have ignored the South of the border in hopes that if would go away, but it’s our responsibility as a nation to reach out to our neighbors and help them. Not to be a closed in ‘private’ community who get all worked up when brown folks move into the neighborhood. Suddenly, everyone who doesn’t want to help them begins to redefine what humanitarian aid means and who’s going to provide it. (keep reading)

One thought on ““Everyone’s opinion on what a humanitarian crisis is, IS the problem”

  1. Reblogged this on Thee Incendiary Witchboard and commented:

    I’ve always said that if you’re in a position or an unsafe environment to have a family than don’t do it! But of course, everyone has an excuse (usually bad ones) to have kids and will do what they’re going to do no matter what.

    Walking all the way back to the beginning is hopeless, but then there’s this other thing called God that comes up every time some shit goes back. In the case of the video in this link, the aunt named Raquel says to leave things to God, when burying her nephew. When asked if she was going to press charges, she says no. Nothing.

    So instead of trying to make things better here, and try to fix things, they put everything ‘in the hands’ of something that isn’t there. It’s still the most genius way to avoid any responsibility for their lives or those they drag into this world with no choice, just to not have a chance at all.

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