Israel Vs. Palestine and what we really want

One of our Facebook friends posted this recently about a response to an argument that could have boiled over if they hadn’t put all the stops on it with the following:

Last night, a buddy of mine suggested that perhaps what I really want is to have the good people of Israel wiped from the planet. Here’s the thing, I no more think Israelis ought to all die for the actions of their government than I think everyone in the US needs to bathe in the flames of vengeance for our government’s acts of human obscenity. That’s actually not a lot me wanting to personally die in a fire over Git-mo, human experiments, or immoral wars.

It seems like, in our collective rhetoric regarding the morality of any given fight, we forget that regardless of how thoughtless any one group appears, odds are that’s just the will of whichever sociopath happens to be in charge. This seems especially true when you’re talking about millions of people.

Sure, there are a people in Palestine who want to blow up Israel. There are people in the US who want to blow up Palestine. And, there are even people in Israel who want to blow up the US. But, history seems clear. Universally, the vast majority of people just want to be left the fuck alone to go about their business as best they can.

It is actually the case that most of us want to jerk off, eat crisps, and watch telly to the extent that we have those things available to us. Well, some people want to read and play soccer. But, I digress. Given my feed, within the last hour, I just thought that seemed worth mentioning.

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