So far, not good! – #1

Republicans are laughing at ALL of us.

Capsteps“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Who isn’t frustrated by the latest news that house Rethugliklans are moving to sue the president? I’m not going to chop up this delivery with mainstream beltway talk. The last post I wrote on this near similar issue simply can’t hold up to what’s recently happened, simply because their political stunts are all the rage these days. Take the Benghazi “scandal” and anything they’re making a big deal about and you can see that by putting their backs into each stunt that they don’t give a shit about the American people. (continued)

I want to point out that as dumb as Republicans appear to be, they’re organized in their obstructionism, because they have members like Louie Gohmert who’s going around talking a lot of shit for a reason, because he’s just around to waste the American peoples’ time. The government shut down might have very well backfired on the Republicans last year, but rather than try to reign in the crazies, Boehner knows that shit talk will keep everyone distracted from the fact that they’re not interested in compromising on any of these bills. But then maybe they’re not so dumb anyway because their strategy seems to be working. (keep reading)

“This is certainly the type of people who are itching to ‘protect’ the border” image “armed populace: starting the big salmon militia” ( is under License Some rights reserved ( by Double Bean (

But let’s keep the focus on Louie Gohmert because he’s one of those creations that came about when no one was paying attention. People in Texas who do might remember a certain State House speaker named Tom Delay, who I’ve mentioned at least once before. Thanks to some of the redistricting that he did back in the early 000’s, we have Gohmert (what a dope!)

There’s a lot of talk about Governor Perry making the immigration thing a politically motivated issue, which certainly seems to be the case but there is another problem, and that is with gun totting libertarians who seem to be out for blood. One of these trigger happy murderers in the making was already caught on video itching to put a bullet through a brown person’s head. (murderers for hire) and no one is doing anything about it!

While this who massive cycle of distraction is taking place, the entire money is free speech thing has certainly gone past the debate status and has already long been put in action, which is why we’re having all the problems we see right now! (getting downed out)

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