“The Beltway Runs Itself”

“breaking” (mrg.bz/Cs0nnf) is a morgueFile free photo By cbcs (morguefile.com/creative/cbcs)

One moment we’re all stuck to the events outside our doorstep and the next, we’re feeling sick about the services that feed us that stuff! In case you might not already now, that’s what the beltway does. At what point will these news services look at themselves and be like, this is crap! Or maybe they do? But I doubt it. Like, could you imagine a David Gregory or Brian Williams yelling at producers being like, “I’m not reporting this!” It’s about the common sense; haven’t we gone over this already consensus they should be tapping into. I mean, have we really agreed that the weekends are reserved only for roundups? Don’t other things happen that they could report on with as much intensity as they do in manufacturing the conversation we’re supposed to be having? (News at-a-glance)

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