Where The Power Belongs!

Mike Brown, a recent high school graduate  was on his way to visit his grandmother in Ferguson, Missouri when he was shot to death police. He was unarmed. We live in societies that increasingly ramp up their militarized police forces for the purpose of… is under License Some rights reserved by Dignidad Rebelde

I don’t care which side you’re on with this issue, but always be aware that you should always side with the citizens. Bringing in the baddies and the opportunists in to try and anchor the debate into something that isn’t relevant is intentionally meant to dodge or manipulate the conversation.

A list needs to be made with the names of the following people:

1. Those who argue against Ferguson citizens.

2. Those who rely too much on looting and opportunists.

3. The aggressive members of the police force who used military style tactics against the protesters.

4. The name of the police officer show murdered Michael Brown.

That’s the cherry on top. 

Because if we don’t do that, then no one is held accountable for action against citizens. You know, those people the pigs are supposed to be working for? Yeah, those people. Let no one sleep on this thing, otherwise no one is going to get the answers they need and it might be too late when we do. 

All of these things are not optional. They are part of the bigger effort of restoring power where it belongs. 

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