I Declare War On Congress – Redacted

The Republican House Leadership - Caricatures

It’s no secret that these guys and only these guys, piss me off to no end! The only thing that this new Republican congress is going to do is to continue to piss me off for longer than I expected. Of course this isn’t a surprise. But I can’t declare war on the new Republican congress until I do some other things first.

Oh wait. I guess the rule is that I need to write more text on here than to just throw you a link to click on, right? Dammit. I mean, this was really all I wanted to say! But then there’s this whole thing about internet legitimacy. I mean, it’s not enough that my anger is legitimate. I have to type up more text to get people on my side and go read my stuff! Do you know how hard it is to reign in a rant? What, am I supposed to be all calm and collected about this shit?

But to also make sure it doesn’t turn into a full-length rant, I have to make it short, sweet and to the point. Which is what I’m trying to do here but until everyone falls into place with that idea where it becomes the norm, which I guess I’m starting here? Okay… I think I just solved the text problem. Let’s move on. (I Declare War On Congress – Redacted)

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