“May Libertarians Get Overrun By Illegals”

Zombie Takeover

The first thing I did was read something that set me off. It was this comment by some Libertarian asshat:

“…silly how are government debates ridiculous things while so many of our veterans are homeless and disabled needing treatment. At the same time we have a leader that seems to me hell bent on helping illegals stay in the country despite our many laws designed to keep them out. It is amazing what our so-called leadership finds important, while other things cannot see the light of day.”

(May Libertarians Get Overrun By Illegals)

One thought on ““May Libertarians Get Overrun By Illegals”

  1. Explain-Why Ellis Island and Angel Island open boarder policy hurt America? Why is discriminating by race is bad, but discrimination by what side of a government line someone was born on is justified? How are immigrants the ones we should fear- when the U.S. government is responsible for more deaths of innocent humans on the Planet Earth?

    There is no evidence that more people in an economy-hurt an economy. Just like the Left’s myth that products made overseas hurt America. The most global economies are the wealthiest for a reason. This is another example of how like Religions, Government’s get people to blindly pledge their allegiance to them; all without ever seeking information to question their validity.

    (1) 202,000 militant, and civilian deaths since 2003 in Iraq alone:


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