“Right Wing Racists (redundant, I know) ARE The Immigration Problem”


A recent airing of PBSNewshour weekend featured a story on the on the wave of illegal immigrants from El Salvador, which said that United States repatriation methods are a largely responsible for the humanitarian crisis the United States experienced earlier this year and two things came to mind.

The first one was, why are we still talking about this? And the second was, what kind of asshole family doesn’t help out their fellow members to get them out of harm’s way? Are those in the United States so fancy that they can’t sacrifice some effort to get their families together? I actually just asked my mom if any family in Mexico is trying to get citizenship over here. In the meantime, here’s a little bit on that PBS report, while I wrap it around my hatred for right-wing anti-immigrant chumps. (Right Wing Racists (redundant, I know) Are THE Immigration Problem)

Just 0.99 cents!!!

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