Republicans Are Here To Fuck You

John Boehner

There’s been plenty of talk lately about congress moving ahead in this lame duck session, to finally get some bills passed, before the new Republican congress takes over in January.

We’ve seen the Republicans attempt to, and block almost every presidential nomination since the beginning of his administration to the point of ridiculousness. Even the right-wing rag Washington Post agrees that Republicans can prove their cooperative spirit by confirming presidential nominees.

An hour was devoted to what the current congress is going to do during this lame duck session on the Diane Rhem show, where it was agreed there was something to fear with regard to the blocking of current nominations, which is legitimate. Let’s go back to 2009 guys.

Look guys, don’t expect anything new over the next two years. I keep saying that over and over again, and to make sure that people understand that, I’m going to keep saying that!

The news media and the Republicans are always going to say that the American people spoke for this election; which is pretty much correct. But it’s also a fuck you to those who didn’t vote and those who didn’t vote for Republicans.

I’m saying that no one can escape the responsibility of being a part of the democratic process so I agree that not voting is still a vote.

It doesn’t change the fact that the Republicans fucked with the voting laws and thus, seized their opportunity while the system was vulnerable. In a few months, that won’t matter as it really doesn’t matter now. We’ll be having a different conversation by then; which if you look back at everything before this mid-term, will clue you into what it’s all going to look like.

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