“Well, Back To #DitchThePress!” (#Bubblews)

Well, I’m back to watching this show again. I’ll have to concede to the fact that I’ll need to. (Back To DitchThePress!)

The Dallas Morning News posted an article about the protests over excessive force in the Arlington area. Here’s some stuff I added to the comments section of that post:

5 hours ago
If you don’t like the police… Next time you need help call a crackhead.

Less than a minute ago
I think we all agree that the police are a necessary evil, because people like you can’t defend themselves. But these people are protesting against excessive force by certain police officers which is guarded and protected by the police system since they’re the ones who have agreed that excessive force is necessary, the rest of us just went along with it as a trade off for being too chicken to settle our own affairs. Looks like you side with excessive force as it would never be used on you. Why wouldn’t you be?

9 hours ago

Go out to some convenience store this afternoon and push the manager around when he asks you to pay for your merchandise.  Follow that up by ignoring the cop who tells you that you can’t walk down the middle of Greenville Avenue, maybe even shooting him the bird, and as he approaches you, try wrestling his gun away from him.  Severe consequences at very least – maybe even loos of your life.

After that, go into a man’s store and buy a pack of cigarettes for, say, $7.50, and go out and hang out in front of his store and peddle the cigarettes for a dollar apiece to passersby, and when the cops that he calls on you show up to arrest you for breaking a law that your state legislature enacted (that the cops had no hand in), and you try to fight them off in resisting arrest, there are apt to be consequences.

But, too feeble minded to fathom plain reasoning, we go out and march and  chant our stupid slogans, bringing loss and hardship to the innocent who’ve had no hand in the incidents, calling for the rewriting of a justice system for those who expect to break the laws with impunity.

Freakin’ sickening!

Less than a minute ago
To your first paragraph, Brown did pay for his merchandise. Also, why would you want to walk down the center of a major street like Greenville avenue and not one that’s similar to the one Brown was walking on? This is assuming that when you say Greenville avenue that it’s a broad reference to a street most use, which could only be the largest part of it. Also, the only one to say that Brown tried to wrestle the gun away from him is the guy that shot and killed him. Rather than dispute that, you believe him because he’s a cop which just comes to show your already implicit bias in this case.

In your second paragraph, reselling cigarettes outside the store you just bought them from, up to the point that they brought him down and held down his head against the pavement, they were appropriately making the arrest. Pantaleo was positioned and ready to make his move, watch his stance right behind him. He fits the image of one of those nerdy militia maniac do-gooders ready to get into something. Again, you break the law and you should be dealt in whatever way the police wish, again, shows that you’d never question police tactics. To you, they get a free pass.
Finally in your last paragraph, you forget that it’s the citizens who force the change in our laws and in our system. you know, the same people who have let the police have their way? Of course, you willingly ignore this and decided that no law should be challenged or changed. Only a person who worships authoritarianism and one-way suppression would be sickened by the voice of citizens.

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