@TXRandy14 Is A Terrible Bullshitter

I’m gonna start putting “eyerolling” into my daily exercise routine whenever a Republican opens their goddamn mouth. Yesterday the Daily News reported that Texas Republican congressman Randy Weber tweeted that Obama was worst than Hitler for not showing up in Paris for the Charlie Hebdo unity march.

I shouldn’t have to point out the cleverness in his statement as well as the fact that it’s one stretch of a statement to make overall. I’ll prove my point here by breaking down this article.

The first thing is the insinuation that by him not sending a high level official or showing up himself that there’s even a chance he doesn’t care about standing up against terrorism. That too is a stretch because you can go either way of saying; 1. He supports terrorism (because of his ethic “Muslim” affiliation by name) or 2. That he’s up to no good, no matter what.

People tend to forget and over the holiday recess, there’s no doubt that people have forgotten just how terribly obstructive Republicans were. Throughout that period, driving the point that they would likely do the same thing after the new year, dwindled into the stretch that they would do something new and helpful and do their goddamn fucking jobs for once.

Those of us who are skeptical of any progress at all (progress not being a trait in the Republican platform) can easily see Weber’s twitter comment as just more of the same shit we’ve had to deal with since Obama’s been in office.

But let’s move on from that because I’ve already said enough about that. In this article, the point is that he’s apologizing for his statement. Through the apology though it shows how much of a goddamn fucking liar he is. For instance, he says:

“I need to first apologize to all those offended by my tweet. It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler,”

Because really, the only thing Adolf Hitler was known for was the holocaust. There’s no way that he did anything else and if anyone has done any study on Hitler at all, they should know he did other things. He’s just cornering some sensitivity while at the same time, adding negative value to the name. But he’s lying when he says he didn’t mean to compare the president to Adolf Hitler.

Why would any Republican say they didn’t mean to when they do? They’ve been making those statements from the get go and always apologize saying they didn’t mean it when they did. And then he says:

“The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.”

So the representation of that “face of evil” in a statement — that was cleverly designed to connect president Obama — is apparently not the statement he was trying to make? Like, we’re supposed to look at that and know that he’s referring to the face of evil? This is just another effort to back-peddle by making shit up that wasn’t there in the first place!

And THEN he goes on to say that he now realizes that using Hitler invokes pain and trauma for victims of the Holocaust and antisemitism? So that just means that he didn’t know, after 70 decades since Hitler that he didn’t realize the impact the name has. Like really? He just didn’t know how the name has been stigmatized to the point where any other Republican leader who’s made similar statements; simply didn’t know how they were using it when they used it?

So here we go again, another Republican who’s basically treating people like they’re stupid, by trying to mask what he actually said by creating more bullshit as a cushion to get out of or dissuade from what he actually said.

Now, he starts weaving his way through this by saying that he was trying to start a conversation on the President’s foreign policy, according to the Dallas Morning news.

I suggest you read that article to watch him try to get out of the statement but one thing I do want to point out is when he followed it with this:

“Apparently he doesn’t believe in America, apparently he doesn’t recognize the evil that exists…”

So, he’s even gone as far as to say that Obama doesn’t believe in America. Only a teabagger is going to read that and agree. Also, that evil doesn’t exist? When he talks about evil, he’s likely addressing it from the Evangelical perspective, but we all know what he’s talking about. But to go ahead and say that Obama doesn’t recognize the evil that exists, is again, creating these questions that are based off of nothing. So that just goes to show you that these fucking idiots like to create these narratives that don’t exist and then connect them to build their spin.

Whether you agree or not that evil does exist, it’s pretty obvious that everyone agrees that the Charlie Hebdo thing was tragic and it sucks. But here we go again where Republicans are creating this monster out of Obama so nothing’s changed here people.

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