“How The #IslamicState Is (Unfortunately) Changing Minds”


140405-D-BW835-597” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel greets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at the Prime Ministers official residence Sori Daijin Kantei in Tokyo, Japan April 5, 2014. Hagel and the Prime Minister met to discuss issues of mutual importance. DoD Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo (Released) is under License Some rights reserved by Secretary of Defense

So Shinzo Abe and all of Japan are pretty fucking pissed that they’ve been drawn into this fight against the Islamic State. It’s unfortunate that it has to get to this point, where everyone within an extremist’s grasp, ends up getting their head lopped off, to force Americans to become globalized.

Actually, I’m enraged that there are enough people in this country who feel nothing outside of it matters. The longer we exist in this state of reform (hopefully, into another progressive administration), the more we learn how to feel more connected with other nations and chip away at the idea that people on the darker side of the pigment spectrum, are in their natural environment. You know cause, they’re not a “democracy” or whatever the fuck. (How The Islamic State Is (Unfortunately) Changing Minds)

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