@FinalSaluteInc’s J Boothe Thinks That Americans Owe Her Something


Last night, the PBSnewshour did a report on female U.S. veterans and how hard it’s been for them to be accepted back into civil society when returning from service overseas. Of course, I will save you the trouble of going to YouTube for the video:

I’ll also add the comments to that video I left, so you know where I’m at with this.

Here’s the problem with +J Boothe. She’s obviously of the mindset and the culture who feels that society OWES them something because they made a sacrifice for the country. She out and says this right there in this footage, expressing just how unfortunate it is that civil society isn’t doing what it’s “supposed” to do.

No one but the Washington bureaucrats, who don’t want to get their hands dirty, told her to go. She met them halfway and accepted THEIR demands and now, she expects the American people to care for her because of her “warrior” status? The fact that we don’t have a major consensus to greet her with open arms is because we don’t accept the demand to go to war. But to her, that’s not the case. To her, it’s because we’re too timid or scared to go to war. Committing government sponsored acts of violence, to her, is the ONLY way to be a respected and valuable member of society.

So her motivation was strong enough (and biased enough) to start her #FinalSaluteInc organization because she wants validation that bad. As a cancer survivor, there’s no doubt during her treatment that she asked, “why me!?” It’s also common to say, “where’s MY piece?” So, it all adds up to why she’s got this bitterness against the nation for not swooping in and carrying her the rest of the way.

Obviously, just like the majority of the #AmericanPeople, I don’t agree with her position; but there are enough people out there who do and they will continue to defend her no matter what. I would like nothing better than to eat away at that wall but that’s not reality. FORTUNATELY, the reality is that, the majority of America WILL NOT provide her with the kind of cushioning that she wants. The only way for her to do that is with a massive lobbying effort to indoctrinate all of us to accept that veterans are owed anything, but that’s already the job of the  #military. Good riddance!

Before doing this, I went to check twitter for @FinalSaluteInc where their account description reads:

The word homeless should not be associated with any Veteran. However, it is estimated that 55,000 homeless women Veterans exist. HEROES SHOULD NOT BE HOMELESS

So, here’s what I’m thinking. Let’s say there are two homeless people, in the street, side by side. One of them is a veteran. Someone comes by to help one of them get back on their feet, by her logic, the veteran (hero) is the one who needs the help?

Of course, the reality is that both would be helped out but that’s probably not what she wants. She’s and others like her are the ones who stepped up to defend our country, right?

I know what it’s like to fight stigma and basically what other people think of me. Me creating this blog, podcasting and/or anything else I’ve ever accomplished in life helps to make me more relevant and adds value to my identity. When I look for what’s owed to me, I shake down individuals NOT entire swaths of people because they don’t care.

I got back to a post I wrote about Bergdahl that points out some of this bullshit reasoning of theirs. J Boothe didn’t think this thing through because she’s so conditioned by the “hero” elite brother/sisterhood of the military  that it helps to serve her “us against them” mentality.

Of course, she couldn’t be anything more than a Republican or even worst, a Libertarian.

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