Fuck Republicans & Fuck Israel, I’m Done!

Caricatures: Benjamin Netanyahu and John Boehner keeping secrets

Those moments leading up to the re-election of Netanyahu has been pretty tense for a lot of us. The feeling I got out of the possibility that there could be definite change in Israeli politics, within hours, was no different from the feeling of a potential powerball win at the local convenience store.

The fact that it was too close to call was too perfect an obstacle for something so essential to Middle Eastern policy that I became skeptical enough for me to lower my expectations. This election almost seems like a deliberate stop to rub Netanyahu and his re-election into the faces of the international community.

Bloomberg’s article stating that the Israeli Vote Puts A Hurdle in Front of Obama’s Policy Goals, is just a reminder of what’s been the main issue the entire time that Netanyahu has been in power.

It should be crystal clear to everyone as the man said himself that he will never allow a Palestinian state. Why aren’t people addressing this? Or are they and it’s just drowned out by the overwhelming support of the Evangelical right?

More “Reich” Wing Bullshit

Almost on a daily basis, I feel like I get shoved further and further from the center when Netanyahu makes a bold statement for the right and with statements like the one he made at the last minute, saying that:

“Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations.”

If you’ve been going “back and forth” with right-wingers online then you know when it gets to racism and nazism, it’s the right always accusing the left of being the racist; when it’s really rooted in right wing agendas world wide.

As mentioned in the Bloomberg article I first linked to, the Republican’s in the U.S. house are just going to dig in their nails over the Iran deal with this administration. Everyday on some “neutral” news report, there’s talk about Republicans doing things but they talk about it like there’s no instigator and the fault lies on everyone!

Netanyahu does whatever the fuck he wants, and he’s especially going to keep doing it as long as he’s in power and the Republicans have something else to get a hard on about.

Until Netanyahu is out, I could give a fuck about Israel. Fuck them.

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