Let’s Devalue Donald Trump

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Why I’m Obsessing Over This

The domino effect of Donald Trump’s statements are still present with more news about those who are distancing themselves from him, be it company or individual or from the man himself.

Those of us who are following the news are a little disturbed by the obsession we have with this because it’s really the only thing I’ve been reading, watching and listening to since he made announced his candidacy.

I’m not alone in hating this man but I’m also going to say that writing about him isn’t necessarily promoting him more — as I’m pretty ready and willing to deny that we’re doing that — because in this case, demanding that we devalue him is more realistic if we all do our part in this.

Who gives a shit? This guy is never going to be president, shouldn’t that be enough?

Yeah, I don’t think that him not winning the presidency is a loss for him. He knows he’s not going to win it. Could he single-handedly destroy the Republican party? I sure as fuck hope so!

This guy is a total asshole and I’m getting the feeling that more people want these assholes plugged up rather than leaving them open to spoil the air we breath.

Let’s Go After The Money

One of the many things that really irked a lot of people was when this ass-clown bragged about how rich he was. In one of his popular interviews, he stated that he wasn’t as rich as Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and I guess you can see the irony in that fact, based off of his controversial statements against Mexicans.

By the way, Carlos Slim has also cut ties with Trump.

Currently, this guy’s net worth is 4.5 billion dollars and just why the hell is that the case? Because somewhere and somehow we all agreed that this guy should totally have that. Who made this guy that valuable? Why are we letting it happen?

On top of the news that Univision and NBC have cut ties with him, a petition is also going around demanding that Macy’s #DumpTrump too.

Fortune published an article about this and Macy’s response where they’re refusing to do this because basically, the products have nothing to do with the opinion.

But that isn’t the point. The point is that every effort should be made to cripple this billionaire and if Macy’s isn’t going to go along with this, than it’s either because they side with his views on Mexicans or they simply haven’t lost enough money to do anything about it. Anything else outside of that is dependent that it will all blow over soon and we can’t let that happen.

The Wrong Kind Of Resistance

And of course the products have everything to do with the opinion for the simple fact that they have Trump’s name on them!

It’s this kind of persistence to resist consensus that makes it hard for the rest of us to progress. Which is surprising since it’s consensus that determines how successful or how failed these things are. I mean, it’s not like anyone would be stupid enough in this day and age to go buy those products because of the controversy surrounding the man, right?

Imagine how hard this take down is going to be when I tell you that despite the fact that Univision, NBC and the 2nd richest man in the world have cut ties with Trump, the Miss Universe Organization — which is putting together the Donald Trump Miss USA pageant — say they will STILL have the show!

So everyone should start targeting them with petitions and boycott the show. Here’s the MUO contact: PR Contact:
Jodie Thomas | Rubenstein Public Relations
T:(212) 843-9241

I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that there are a lot of progressive moves being made these days that are either leaving these guys who try to resist progress, in the dust or they are so hardcore about their position that we draw them out with very real and legitimate fights.

Guys, let’s take down this ass-clown for once!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Devalue Donald Trump

  1. While I get the free-speech stuff, I was way beyond shocked to hear Trump’s speech announcing his candidature for President! The arrogance of the man! I’m glad people are hitting him where it hurts.
    PS: I live in India. Following you from NaBloPoMo.

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