“Report Reich-Wingers To The Authorities”

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Not a day goes by that I don’t have some argument with some Reich-winger. In this case it was with a person who commented on a post I made about Donald Trump’s hair.

Sure the post was childish, but the guy’s comments were starting to freak me out a bit. Here’s how all of that went down:

Trump tells the truth and the truth is not always pleasant. I love Trump for everything he stands for. (@MarioNonoini)

So, he actually loves Trump?

I checked his profile and saw another scary post about how he hates the SCOTUS ruling over same sex marriage.

Here’s his post in it’s disturbing entirety:

The decision today is a very backward thinking and close minded decision made by the supreme court. It is a sad day for the USA.

It was a very heterophobic decision that is anti-family and pro perversion. It was a vote for inequality and will only degenerate the country.

It goes against everything that the USA stands for. The country is built on morals and today’s decision is moral corruption to the highest level.

I only hope that Donald Trump takes over and fixes the mess that was created today by voiding all gay marriages that have taken place and not letting them have any of the benefits of marriage. They need help not celebration.

The scares didn’t stop there because our conversation continued in the Donald Trump post:

“He doesn’t tell the truth. Everything he says is a lie, just like everything every Republican says. He’s just an ass-clown.” (ME)

“What he said has been proven to be true. It was not a lie at all.” (terrorist)

It’s only his second response and it already looks like a “Yes it is, No it isn’t” situation.

“Well, show me the proof then @MarioNonoini. No need to “log roll” this thing unless you have the evidence to back it up. I expect you’re probably going to refer to some Reich-wing source for that proof?” (ME)

And sure enough…

“World net daily has the proof. Donald Trump himself has the proof. Drudge Report has the proof. The border patrol agents have the proof. It is fact.” (TeaBagger)

Of course he referred to domestic terrorist media sources, where they talk about how President Obama is destroying Christianity and other bullshit.

So I did what any true patriot would do. I reported him to the FBI. (Bubblews)

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