“Worst Case Scenario Of Tea Baggery”


This image was apparently taken on May 1, 2013: Governor Paul R. LePage and Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen announced that 81 percent of elementary schools and 69 percent of high schools earned an A, B or C through the school grading system. He looks like a rock island turd.

I love talking about this because you guys still don’t seem to get it. When it comes to making generalizations, you have to use it in moderation. But the kind of bullshit teabaggers are pulling in every place they have power is a sample of how they’re ruthlessly doing what they want — they’re kind of like ISIL’s shock troops where they use suicide bombers and shock troops to establish chaos before the conduct controlled attacks — as all tea baggers are and using the confusion to their advantage while letting their fight for the constitution, drag through the courts, which when it doesn’t go their way they just end up ignoring. Maine’s governor Paul LePage is just that kind of asshole. (Bubblews)

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