Expect One More Obama Win With Nuclear Deal Against Congress

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As we all know a deal was just recently announced with Iran that has a lot of us sighing with relief, if only for the simple fact that we’re sick of giving Republicans a reason to keep talking shit.

Well, at least talking shit before a deal was struck because they’ll only continue to do so until the end of this administration, we already know they’re not going to STFU.

Netanyahu is already spinning shit like a boss.

But that a deal was made and under the Obama presidency — unless someone waffles within hours to days from it — with Kerry involved, which is going to certainly set him up with credit for it and some to Zarif to send back to the Iranian hardliners.

The fact is that it’s another win for POTUS and not an embarrassment because for a little bit there, it looked like a pattern of extending deadlines was forming and just last night — based off of my assertion from the PBS news hour report, it looked like a pretty good chance we were heading there.

The main follow up to this report is the idea that congress is going to try and block the deal. There’s no way that they’re not going to try but let’s imagine for a bit that Democrats soften their opposition to this deal and throw their support behind the administration? I see another loss for Republicans coming super ‘fucking’ soon.

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