ReThugliCons Are Already Up A Radioactive Creek With Iran For A Paddle

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I’d like to make a joke about the fallout were already getting from the nuclear deal with Iran but I just made it.

It’s just like fucking clock work, these guys are obviously going to spin the shit out of how terror-heavy this whole deal is to them before they’ve read the details.

Netanyahu is doing his best to make these bold assertions that it’s the worst deal in history and his parade of slutty Republicans fall right in line.

A report by the New York Times starts off with:

Before Congress had even begun its official review, Republican leaders vowed Tuesday to kill President Obama’s nuclear accord with Iran, setting up a fierce fight to save the president’s signature diplomatic achievement.

It reads that congress will have sixty days to review the deal but my guess is that they’re not even going to read the fucker; they’re going to sit on it for sixty days, make up a lot of bullshit to get a lot of good people scared and stand by it to vote no.

Even when we go further into the article, it shows that there are going to be plenty of opportunities to do this because Republican Bob Corker says:

“In the end, those who believe this truly is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who believe that is not the case, and the world is not going to be safer — in some ways it may pave the way for them to get a nuclear weapon — will vote against it.”

So what he’s saying here is the same thing we already know, which is how a bill is voted on. Basically, if you believe it’s not going to make Iran a threat, then that person will vote for it and if someone doesn’t believe that, then they’ll vote against it.

What is this, government 101? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!?

But as we’ve seen well over the past going on seven years, the power of conviction isn’t fueled by facts. Which is why they have the teabaggers there, the house idiots who they might successfully convince to believe it’s just going give more power to Iran.

Actually, they don’t have to be convinced, they’re already as dumb as — well, a teabagger!

At the end of the article, it looks the they have the same predictions I have about how all of this will turns out, especially when it comes to winning over Democrats in the opposition.

Congress Versus The World

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I can already see through the conservatives’ game. They know in their mind that this is a good deal and yet they get really worked up about it for their constituents.

I guess that if you’re going to make a career out of something, than make it out of something you don’t really believe in that pays well.

But I’m not sure that’s doing anything more than providing some cushioning for why they do what they do.

In any case, don’t get duped by their bullshit because — in case you haven’t been doing your research — the U.S. wasn’t the only one who agreed to this, so did a handful of other nations: China, Russia, France, the UK and Germany.

Slate’s Fred Kaplan did two things in his post: “Why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran Deal“, the first being that he annoyed the shit out of me when he started using pundit shop talk with the phrase Zero-sum game; the second was to point out that all of these chumps opposing the deal aren’t really chumps at all when they’re actually opposing the deal for more boring reasons.

It’s kind of like Star Wars Episode One where we wanted to see more action and less about the trade deals.

All of this seems to be true as India is expressing excitement over this whole thing.

This administration has two historic deals already moving into play, the one with Cuba where new business ventures are already beginning to stream in and with the weakening of sanctions, we’re likely to have the same thing with Iran but there’s still bound to be some hurdles to overcome as the Islamic republic also has its hawks.

What’s super crystal fucking clear is that America simply can’t be doing what it’s been doing for its entire history. It’s time for some Goddamn diplomacy.

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