Notes From TX-Congressman Pete Olson’s Town Hall Meeting

Pete Olson, 2008 Congressional Candidate

It’s not enough that regular people are bombarded with misinformation on this Iran nuclear deal, they’re also assaulted with calls from congressmen who don’t even represent them, just as (R) Pete Olson did with a recent Town Hall Meeting via the phone. Image “Pete Olson, 2008 Congressional Candidate” is under License Some rights reserved by Euthman


The notes for this meeting are rushed so few corrections have been made. Links and other information will be added later.

1st caller asked about the Iran deal and what solution the Republicans had to this deal, to which Olsen stated that they would put on more sanctions to prevent them from creating a bomb.

2nd caller said they keep in touch with republicans and that trump is speaking truth. She also addressed corruption with the republican party.

cliff- carrollton : wanted to know if over everything that’s been done over the past several years. said that Obama went around the congress and talked about impeachment.

Olson said that he would support impeachment if the judge put it forward but also said that it would also cause great backlash against the Republican party and hand the presidency to Clinton.

He also said that Obama can’t hide behind the supreme court and was not against sending bills by the bulk and let him veto everything he wants.

Cliff said the republicans have back stabbed them. Olsen also said he was disappointed with the senate. 25% are for the agreement and 62% are against it.

Mark-Dallas: replacing the income tax.

Olsen said he was for a fair flat tax. Said that the government has a provision to send poor people a check which he’s against. Everyone should pay an income tax.

Mark wants the power of IRS to be lessened. Regulations and investigations have to stop.

He brought up another poll about defunding planned parenthood.

BJ – Dallas: is concerned with ISIS and what the plan is to reverse or control that terrorist organization.

Olson said that ISIS is happening in Garland and Chattanooga. Said he wants to make sure law enforcement knows how to id ISIS activity. Have to send a message to IRAN as they are the largest funders and writes the biggest checks to ISIS. They are sponsors of terrorism.

They have to stop building a bomb and supporting terrorism.

BJ wants to know what it’s so hard to find their headquarters. Says she has a son in defense and they have the ability to find things anywhere.

Olson says that congress is ready to make the president do that. They are waiting for his response but Obama wants congress to take unilateral action and they’re not going to do it.

BJ says that it doesn’t matter who owns what, what matters is the safety of the country and our interests.

Olson says that this is a problem that can only be solved by leadership which the president is not taking and flying around Africa.

She also said that we left equipment in the Middle East.

Patty – Farmers Branch: is congress doing anything to chance the subsidies requirements from the income for that particular time and tax fluctuating income into account? She then went through a list of problems with her son and that when he turns 18, she could get paid to care for him.

She now has a good salary from a new job but the cheapest premium has her paying 155 dollars a month, has 18 years worth of repairs on her home she has to do.

OLSON said they’ve decided to not fix obamacare but to get rid of it. Said solution is to go to a private care, give you a tax credit to go out and find a policy that is right for her.

She said that wouldn’t the tax credit be the same thing as the subsidy, but her time had gone and he made arrangements for her to call his office.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD POLL: 38% no, unsure: ?, yes: ?

Mitchell – Grapevine: said the Iran deal is within many countries, who decides it’s an agreement as opposed to a treaty.

The senate has to ratify a treaty and because he knew the administration would go around them, they made a law where if the agreement is reached that they have to vote on the agreement after sixty days and then vote. Said that if Obama vetoed the bill, it would have to come back to them for a veto override vote. Said before this, congress didn’t have a voice.

Mitchell said the constitution, voted to flip the treaty clause on it’s head. Congress voted to change the constitution treaty clause which is doesn’t have the authority to do and President Obama can call it what he wants.

Olson cleared up that what they did might have been unconstitutional and then said he was going to vote against that bill, was re motivated again to support Israel.

Emma – Irving: no one has brought up the fact she would be out of her manufacturing job. Sell goods here, make them here and sanctuary states should not be given federal dollars.

Corporate tax rate is why they’re moving overseas, either penalize or incentivize them to stay here and he feels that’s the right thing to do.

Emma also brought up medicare issues. The base plan is 104 dollars doesn’t matter who that person is and feels it’s ridiculous, if they can’t pay it. Where is that money going?

Olson said that last year, medicare trust spent 100 million more than what it took through the medicare tax. Everyone needs to pay something into the system, co-pay but the medicare system is costing the taxpayers billions.

Emma said people are getting ss money and medicare they don’t deserve.

Olson said technology should be better, doesn’t trust the IRS to give them money for new technology.

Jon – Irving: brought up the spin cycle from the right that is muddied up perspective and what did he have to say about the the opposition to the administration. Said that some republicans were doing that and Olson agreed that some were taking advantage of the spin.

Olson asked Jon how many media sources he reviewed daily and when told they were many through radio, internet, television, he said that we lived in a world of biased news and that we have to take a side.

Jon pointed out those of us who were not into party politics were forced to be pulled in from our daily lives and make those decisions.

Jon then stated that with so many nations involved in the Iran deal that why would anyone think it wasn’t a good deal if they all agreed to it. Jon also began to say that Israel was not being held to account by people who decided long ago that they could do no wrong and It was then when Olson said that the U.S. was already seeing the results of the Iran deal with the shootings in Chatenoogah and Garland.

He also made sure to add that John Kerry’s liberal views since Vietnam are clues into what a terrible negotiator he is and why this is a bad deal.

It was at this point that the Town Hall Meeting was over.