Ferguson War Cry!

We are Ready For WAR!

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Since Michael Brown was gunned down like a dog by a potato head looking, hills have eyes killer Darren Wilson, tensions have eased down gradually the more distance we have from that tragedy.

Luckily, the protests haven’t died down as it’s also part of the reason why the conversation has changed, allowing it to evolve where it’s more complicated than it used to be. It’s no longer being pulled one way or the other by polarizing media groups because we’ve gotten tired of the trite statements and found some middle ground along the way, to say that there IS something pigheadedly wrong with America’s police force.

Who would have thought that a few shots would have us back at the beginning again, frustrated with the fact that though some efforts have been made yet it didn’t take long for the cops to start trying to heighten tension with a brigade ready to crack down on protesters once again.

Enough people among the group of protesters carried out the cry to where anyone could hear, that they are ready for war. The media could spin something quietly shouted out into a huge story but the reports state that clergy and others were trying to calm down the cops and the protesters.

We all know those who literally fired the shots are calling them too, but enough protesters are still upset to unite for that war cry, which is exactly the tone this situation needs to take. No need to be nice about these things anymore. Let the confrontation stand as it is, this IS war.

One thought on “Ferguson War Cry!

  1. Reblogged this on Incendiary American and commented:

    At the time of this writing, there are news reports about more black people ending up dead in the custody of law enforcement. Fairly recently, the Black Panthers were protesting front of the Waller County Jail over the death of Sandra Bland. If anyone thinks that the call to war is unnecessary, than you haven’t been paying attention, have you!

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