Yes, Women Should Get A Free Pass To Kill People Too

Yes, Women Should Get A Free Pass To Kill People Too

Originally taken Feb 21, 2011, A woman Marine recruit waits to fire an M-16A2 rifle during basic training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. This image is altered from the original DM-ST-86-05538, under License Some rights reserved and attributed to Expert Infantry

The following comment was left on the site where this post was made that reads:

I think, if women can pass the same rigorous trials the men go through, in order to serve on the front lines, then I think they have every right to be there. The same goes for any other male dominated profession, and I don’t think we should lower certain physical requirements in order for more women to be eligible either. There are certain professions (fire fighter, for example) where physical strength is a must. (@Kleineganz)

This guy totally missed the point here. This isn’t about women not being capable of doing the same thing men do with army ranger training. This is about the almost accidental “privilege” of women also having the incentives the military gives away for killing other people. Overall, the military is designed to manufacture killers and reward them for it. (Bubblews)