Lone Nut Goes On A Killing Spree In A Mall With A Baseball Bat

Kidding, it was a gun. 2 people killed near Manson; manhunt is on for shooter.

But everyone knows there’s no real difference between a bat and a gun, right? I mean, besides the fact that people running away from a baseball bat wielding nut are FAR more likely to escape intact. But at the end of the day, it’s just a tool, right? It’s not the fault of the tool, it’s the fault of the tool-user.

Except frankly? I’m tired of this bullshit. Look, I like guns. They’re cool, and when owned by a responsible person… well, they’re still a weapon. By design, they are expressly a weapon. They have a purpose, to injure or kill. That is their design. You could use it to crack walnuts I suppose, but it’ll probably go off in your eye on the downswing.

Father accidentally injures 12 year old daughter while teacher her how to safely put on ice skates.

Not really. Dumbass shot his own kid in the arm while trying to teach her gun safety.

Father accidentally kills 7 year old son by mistakenly dropping golf clubs on him.

No. Sorry. It was a 9 mm which this responsible gun owner (not sarcasm folks, he was, by all indications, a regular and responsible gun owner) thought was unloaded… but he didn’t realize there was still one round in the chamber. He took the gun to sell it, and while getting into his truck, the gun went off, killing his 7 year old son in the back booster seat.

Guns don’t kill people. Stupid accidents kill them. But I guarantee you that if that guy hadn’t had a gun in his hand, he wouldn’t be trying to figure out how to live through killing his own son. There wouldn’t be people in Oregon wondering if their kids are the ones lying dead in a mall. There wouldn’t be a bunch of people in Aurora, STILL trying to put their lives back together. I realize I’m being a little melodramatic here, but I’m just exhausted. I’m so tired of the same shit happening, 20,000 times a year while we all still make excuses. Maybe we’re just not smart enough or evolved enough to have these weapons? Other countries certainly are more armed, and some of them are much better off for it… so the problem isn’t the gun, it really is the person.

We are the weapon. Our little rotten selves with our little ignorant brains. We are the bullets being used against our own kids.

How do we fix this? Banning guns isn’t the answer, but it sure would cut down on the death toll. What about just banning the assault rifle style guns? Could we do that maybe? Can we all agree there is no legitimate civilian reason to spray 50+ bullets in under a minute?

Anyone got any ideas?

You know what’s really sad? I wrote this in 2012 and never published it. And the only thing to change is that this bullshit happens MORE FREQUENTLY. It’s so pathetic, just go to google and type “father shoots” and let the internet and depression take it from there.

Mass Shooting Tracker

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