Flagged On Yabberz, Settling Scores With Right Wingers Online

Red Flagged

Yabberz is a great place to have discussions, debates and rants that come from real people who aren’t pundits or political geniuses. We know this because right wing crackpots post on there all the time.

Is it any different from other services? Nope. We like to test things out by throwing honest vitriol around in many places like this and it came to that in a one-sided comment thread with some extremist called Mythbuster99 (Blitz) who’s posted enough of his right wing garbage to be tagged as a pundit. Which means he leads the conversation in those threads.

I initiated a main post, which may or may not be deleted so I will post it here:

Here’s the deal. Since 2008, the right wing decided to throw wrenches into every decision made by a left wing president. They secured this by absorbing and supporting the extremism of the tea party while still collecting checks in the process while shutting down the government, denying checks and services to hardworking people, while they got stupid people worked up. It’s no joke that the smegma that’s grown on the surface of teabaggers, is now running for office.
There’s now this idea, even after all of this that we should remain neutral and try to sort out our differences but that’s only submitting to a group who is willing to and has done everything in and outside of their power to muck up the process. As a liberal, I’m done with conservatives and will do everything in and outside of my power to stop them. All liberals, I encourage you to go out and get into a fight with a teabagger today and everyday until we start a civil war. Let’s do this!

The point here is that I got red flagged, which makes two things quite clear, 1. that I make it crystal clear that I do not accept any friendship nor do I want to be one with anyone of the right (I only have one friend and she’s been thoroughly vetted) and 2. that it’s definite.

The go to response in this case, likely from Blitz who like the right, depends on stimga to make their case and feels I should be demonized as a unreasonable person, is looking in the wrong places for comfort. I’m here to make sure we shut down conservatives from here on out.

Case logged.