Want To Solve The Mass Shooter Problem? Throw Right Wingers Into Concentration Camps

Seems like an odd things to suggest but, not when you think about the fact that the greatest opposition to anti-gun laws are conservatives and they agree along with progressives that mental health should be looked at closely (as long as it distracts from going after guns), then we should look at the obvious and agree the most unstable come from the protected right wing extremists.

You want an effective mental health program then what you do is to go into the communities where these loners and extremists who are ticking time-bombs should be yanked out of their homes, and put on the nearest train to a camp that concentrates on rehabilitating them. It would be a great opportunity to track these dangerous elements in our communities by tagging them to not be let out of our site where they mean to build their diabolical plans. (Bubblews)

Chris Mercer Showed More Sympathy Than The Baddest Cop

The reporting coming out of the recent mass shooting at Umpqua Community College can and has been messy as everyone scrambles to get the facts but almost as soon as they get them, there’s even less of a reason as to why they should get anything wrong other than they’re deliberately fucking with the facts.

One report states that real life hero Chris Mintz who tried to stop the gunman pleaded for his life, asking for the killer to look into himself to spare him and so it’s very likely that the killer did by shooting him in the legs. Which is more than what many now dead unarmed black men have gotten from murderous police officers. (incendiaryAmerican)

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