Just Another Day In The Trailer Park: 11-Year Old Tiller Shoots 8-Year Old Dyer

Not as widely distributed image of a man treating the scene of the crime, caused by more gun violence. Image from Knoxsville News Sentinel taken by Michael Patrick

I want to thank the news media for bringing up news stories like the one about a 11- year old boy shooting an 8- year old girl in the chest with his dad’s shot gun, because it keeps adding to more facts about why guns need to be taken away from people.

The Knoxville News Sentinel gives a detailed report on the incident, enough detail that it’s without a doubt, captured 8-year-old McKayla Dyer’s last words.

Consider this to be another process in our era where we also capture every incident reported around a gun-related death.

There are signs throughout the article that this might very well have been a redneck conservative community who are prepared to protect themselves from the tyrannical forces of the government. Because, you know, that’s going to happen real soon.

Unlike the picture above, this one has been all over the internet. Hopefully, you will never forget her face of someone who wasn’t here long enough to enjoy life.

Further in the same report, there’s an indication that this was an accident. There were no harsh words exchanged before it happened and that the boy’s family was distraught by the incident.

Low-income white trash? Right wingers who hate Obama? Likely, but it’s hard to not feel bad for both families and left & right gets thrown out the window, it’s inappropriate to say I told you so.

But now that that’s out of the way, again, where is this threat they’re so prepared for? Even if it’s hunting, it’s still unacceptable. They never needed the hands-cannon for anything and it’s usually always the case until someone dies.

While the reality of killing someone might be distressing, apparently another report by Raw Story says that the boy was always bullying MaKayla.

He was making fun of her, calling her names — just being mean to her. I had to go the principal about him, and he quit for a while, and then all of a sudden yesterday he shot her.”

From what we know so far, both the Tiller and the Dyer families had both moved into the trailer park just a few months before.

Of course, what is the internet for if not for picking a fight with right wing blog Mad World News, who believes it’s okay for daddy to have his guns and children in the same space.

Aside from wondering what was running through his mind, I can’t help but wonder what type of environment he was raised in that he would even think something like this is remotely acceptable.

Well, I can throw a dart an any direction and it will always land on chance that his environment was one of extremist right-wing ideologies with a picture of Wayne LePierre over the mantle, they pray to morning noon and night over that shotgun and nighthawk TV dinners. Which is probably why the shotgun was so easy to get to. Daddy might have wanted to get to it before bedtime.

The mentioned blogger also writes:

Our prayers go out to little McKayla and her family that they can all find some peace in such a horrible time. As for the boy, he should be charged as an adult, and his parents should be held responsible for not properly securing their firearms, especially knowing their son had behavioral problems.

First of all, there is no God so you can chuck that prayer thing right out the trailer window while little Benny Tiller is tossing the shotgun and B.B. gun out of it right before he shuts it.

Second, it is a horrible time for them and still as an atheist, I can match the sentiment, but you can see from the blogger’s point of view that he agrees one-hundred percent for criminalizing the boy and with it, holding the parents responsible.

But the question that goes with that is, what are you going to hold them responsible for? For not securing a dangerous weapon? You know, that thing you claim rights to have? You know, the thing daddy never got to use against government tyranny? You know, that thing that you’ve had to acknowledge is dangerous enough to keep away from children and punish the owners of it for, and the kid for using it?

Of course the knife argument comes to mind, which, unlike a gun, has more than one use.

If these pro-gun supporters didn’t have to deal with the stigma of taking a life or going to jail for it, they’d be more than happy to get away with murder with no problem at all. Then, it would just be another day in the trailer park.

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