Hillary Clinton Could Have Fired Back At The Benghazi Committee

Hillary Clinton Missed Her Chance

Conservatives for their chance to plow right into Hillary Clinton yesterday during the Benghazi hearings.

For them, it was a long time coming and since she’s running for president, this won’t be the end of their attacks.

Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden made a statement at the White House to say he would not be running for president and during that statement, he also said that the Republican party was not the enemy.

This stuck with me because his effort for neutrality is a tired one. It’s not the way that we — who have been watching conservatives closely since 2008 — see it as we’re pretty sick of the conservative’s effort to not legislate, under the direction of the extremist tea party.

An article on CNN written before Biden made his statement at the White House, presumes that he and Hillary Clinton are at war with each other the siphoning of votes, which seems rather absurd but it refers to Biden making the same statement and going further to say that it was not the way to govern.

The other team is not the enemy. If you treat it as the enemy there is no was we can ever ever solve the problems we have to.

I went the extra mile to send a message to Biden about his statement saying he’s wrong and how tired we as Americans are to see the problem we have with conservatives obstructing and wasting valuable time and money, showing us how much time and money they’re wasting for the past seven years.

Pundits and former cabinet members from the first half of President Obama’s administration have weighed in on this, saying how for instance it was unwise for Hillary Clinton to state that they were the enemy. But unless there’s some sign that’s more elusive than Men In Black that makes her public view of this a threat to her run, there’s nothing to worry about.

In her second Benghazi hearing (perhaps one in a series that will continue into her presidency) she didn’t go after the enemy. A entire day she could have taken to fire back some shots to a group who have made a career of wasting America’s time.

Despite what people might think, there’s not indication that going after the conservative committee, losing her cool would threaten anything. So it was disappointing she didn’t lose her shit. (Bubblews)

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