Stray Animals Are Threatened By Imaginary Dallas Ordinance

Feeding Stray Animals Is Apparently Illegal, According To The Dallas Marshal's Office

CBSDFW reports that animal activists Marina Tarashevsk and Leslie Ysuhuayles were approached by a Dallas Marshal officer who told them that it was illegal for them to feed stray animals.

The same source also states in their report that they’ve looked for the ordinance and found nothing, which appears to support the same claim made by the two women.

I really think that’s ridiculous that he says it’s illegal to feed dogs.

They would know as they’ve been going into the Dallas streets for a number of years saving strays and even going as far as to do some grisly detective work to hold owners accountable for animal cruelty, as documented in this story by the Dallas News.*

CBSDFW‘s report says that these two were in the Dowdy Ferry Road area of Southeast Dallas, where people are known to dump all sorts of things. Again, go to the Dallas News story to get more details on that.

But CBSDFW reached out to the Dallas Marshal’s office for comment but have yet to receive a response.

There’s a good chance that the person who approached them only claimed to be with the Marshal’s office, but then again, unless it was a impostor working some angle, it’s hard to say why they would even bother.

We also looked for the same and information through the City Of Dallas site as well as Municode but did not find anything that was publicly posted.

In other places around Texas, in Gainsville for example, also from an article by CBSDFW (oh, boy), a man who has been feeding strays for years was locked up earlier this year for doing so and still remains defiant despite it.

Stray Animals Have Marina Tarashevska To Thank

Marina Tarashevska is the hero this city needs but not the one it deserves. Oh and this image is stolen from her facebook page which likely belongs to her CBSDFW pals. We’ll claim fair use on this thing and that we didn’t shoot it ourselves. [Image from Marina’s Facebook Page]

The Houston Chronicle has been actively reporting on the progress made with animal care by reducing kill shelters and the focus on adoption programs.

One recent report talks about the city offering spaying and neutering services for stray animals.

While we make an effort to be neutral in some cases, we can’t help but point out the possibility that by approaching these two women and claiming that there’s an ordinance that says they’re doing something illegal, there’s the chance that the person is either misinformed about there being any ordinance or that they were counting on the chance that these two activists would be too intimidated to continue their effort to feed stray animals.

In which case, we can see how some people in power only have to apply a little pressure to get their way which is enough for others to back off and not make an effort to help out our furry pals.

* indicates that the link might not be accessible due to their goddamn *.ece extension, which defeats the purpose of sharing out links. Instead, look for their story, “Dallas struggles with a sea of stray dogs”.

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