Imaginary XL Pipeline Jobs, John Cornyn And Fake Numbers

XL Pipeline Job Numbers Are Made upq

President Obama’s rejection of the XL pipeline is being used by the right, as stunted progress by the left.

This clearly depends on which side you’re on because the dependency on foreign oil might not have made much of a difference to make the United States more independent.

One of our state dopehats by the name of (R-Texas) John Cornyn, had this to say about the president’s decision to reject the application.

The president’s rejection of this shovel-ready jobs project is politics at its worst. Construction of the Keystone pipeline would create jobs, drive economic growth and give our nation a chance to become more energy independent. With this decision the president has once again forced hardworking Texans and folks across the country to take a backseat to the liberal activists who have been such a driving force in this administration.

In the video, you can see the set up for his point is built entirely off of criminalizing Iran, sentiment that has been grandfathered in from previous administrations, despite the fact that he’s also saying times have changed since the crude oil ban from the seventies.

He’s also stating that the oil produced here is here and not from Canada, which last time I checked, is not here, it’s actually over there! In Canada! And think about that and the fact that Canada has a new liberal administration, which is naturally already an enemy of the right.

Again, the only progress the right always points to is where more jobs will be created by this pipeline, as if the nation is really suffering from lack of jobs in the 21st century.

John Cornyn doesn’t appear to be as militant about job growth, only touting the Republican determination to be the opposite of what the left-wing administration decides. And even when the right attempts to operate fully from misinformation, it would be hard for him to take a stand against recently published numbers of job growth as explained by The Guardian.

And also again, creating jobs along the pipeline would certainly be the case after it’s settled because there are so many different sectors to create so naturally, that would happen. But, this isn’t some great solution to a non-existent problem.

It’s also the post-post mortgage crisis now, enough time for all of us to have found something to do.

Then there’s the issue of economic growth, which is only an issue according to Republicans, the same people who have no problem with the Pacific trade agreement, which the left has already touted as empowering corporate interests, who have a record of not wanting to keep jobs here, running towards tax havens while constantly increasing profit, to line their own pockets.

I strongly recommend you check out the source of my proudly biased report, to find the history of this pipeline fight over the years.

But let’s look at some other reporting on this, for instance in the latest coverage by PBS newshour interviews two imbeciles who make some ridiculous claims.

Judy Woodruff was right to say that this might be a moot point and given that no one is successfully making a big deal about the consequences, other than climate change, she is right.

But the four Pinocchios that was mentioned in the video comes from this article by the Washington Post that relies heavily on calling Obama a liar because he didn’t get into the specifics of why the dependency fully relies on selling the oil on a foreign market.

Actually, all of it relies on things like 30% of the crude oil is owned by American businesses, how enticing it would be for Gulf Coast producers to substitute this crude for the stuff they can’t get from South America anymore hedging their bets that foreign markets can’t float the bill, resulting in the possibility that it will be sold in the states.

And, I already mentioned that pipeline jobs are naturally going to be created, but throwing around precise numbers like 40+k is too specific and only for those who are into number-porn.

[Featured Image is created by @JonMarkDraws using images “John Cornyn“/”StopThePipelineRally7.RRITC.WDC.7October2011” by Gage Skidmore/Elvert Barnes from Flickr using the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) License]

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