Ben Carson Uses The Tea Party Manipulation Playbook, I Inform The Misinformed On Facebook


My eyes nearly rolled out of my head when I read this post about Ben Carson today.

But before I get into that, here’s a little peek into some #AntiObama rhetoric I saw today while they were watching him talk about not sending troops to hit ISIS.

Typical AntObama Response - Facebook

Clearly you can tell what side they’re on and what’s even clearer is that they have no idea, and are ill-informed on the details of the attacks on Islamic State currently taking place, post the Beirut and Paris attacks, as I wrote here for The Inquisitr.

“We’ve been coordinating internationally…”

I’ll get to Ben Carson in a bit as he’s just one example of the major problems here, which are not ISIS.

Within a matter of minutes of reading those Facebook posts, Resonant Muse posted an article from The Maddow Blog which says what Republicans aren’t, that the U.S. is already engaged in the fight.

But here’s what I added in response on Facebook:

Yeah, the United States has been doing that the whole time! Special operations have already been engaged in hand to hand combat with ISIS leaders, rescuing hostages and more.

Just to quote the article:

What’s puzzling about this is the degree to which the criticisms ignore current events. According to statistics from the Pentagon, since President Obama launched a military offensive against ISIS targets 15 months ago – his “deep seated aversion to using military force” notwithstanding – the United States military has carried out 6,353 airstrikes. Every other country on the planet combined has carried out 1,772.

Here’s another one:

The American right isn’t questioning the efficacy of American airstrikes; conservatives are questioning the American airstrikes’ existence. Conservatives see French forces launch an offensive, and the right celebrates the superiority of French leadership. But when President Obama maintains a more aggressive offensive over a much longer period of time, many U.S. conservatives pretend not to see it at all.

Thus far, they liked all of my comments and even commented in the shared image for the article, partially because they didn’t know but mostly because the featured image for the article was a dramatic airstrike.

But that just wasn’t enough for me and I went descending further into a rant.

Guys. Calm down. You have to understand that if the United States goes into battle (again), it’s only going to give those terrorist bastards more of a reason to recruit people for their cause.

The Republicans have been consistent on several fronts from which they are not willing to, nor will they ever, budge:

1. Kill, kill, kill, in large numbers: Which is what happened when Bush was president. Every brown person was a target to see the inside of a military prison. Terrorist (or in most cases) not.

2. Oppose Obama no matter what: They’ve even said from the beginning of his presidency that they would oppose everything he wants to do. Even with stuff Republicans agreed with. This became more true when the Republicans embraced and supported the Tea Party who are extremists who want it their way or not at all, and will shut down the government if they have to.

Oh yes, and this is a family member I was responding to. One, I haven’t seen in quite a while and miss. They’re obviously not getting much liberal views down on their side of Texas.

Ben Carson Shows Us How And Why Republicans Take Advantage Of The Misinformed


Back to that post about Ben Carson I referred to at the beginning of this post.

The guy is full of shit, let me be clear on that and this post highlights why.

First of all, we’re all regular people here. Our battles are with traffic, paying bills and spending time at the food bank, like I did this morning.

That’s not to say that I don’t have something to say about foreign policy because, we’re the same people who decide who we’re going to vote for to lead.

Maybe I should have added ‘voting’ to the battles referenced above.

It’s still a year before things really begin to heat up with these debates, which is why there are a lot of people running for president you can’t take seriously.

Actually — and I hate to say this, ‘most’ of those are on the ‪#‎RepublicanParty‬.

Before some recent events, I was painting them ‘goofy’ with a broad brush and said ‘all’ of them.

Dr. Ben Carson is not only a shitty candidate, he’s also a shitty person in that he’s using the power of manipulation to take advantage of uniformed people, because remember, we engage in battles everyday, that have nothing to do with administering ‪#‎ForeignPolicy‬.

What makes him an especially terrible person is that he knows that he’s doing it as well as knowing that he’s not going to win, but continues anyway because let’s face it, if you can convince ill-informed people to buy your snake oil, then you’re doing your job.

In this post written for Daily Kos, Joan McCarter points out how Carson is willing to instigate a war with ‪#‎WarWithRussia‬ to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬ and pretending to know what’s going on over there, while really, deciding to plead ignorance to sell that to the ill-informed to get them worked up.

SOURCES: TalkingPointsMemo / Washington Post / DailyKos / TheMaddowBlog

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[Featured Image by The White House via Flickr under the United States Government Works License]

2 thoughts on “Ben Carson Uses The Tea Party Manipulation Playbook, I Inform The Misinformed On Facebook

  1. One thing I think people should take note of, and possibly I’m allotting too much intelligence to Maj. Gen. Robert Dees here, is his use of the word “Rome:”

    “Also, too, we are a “post-Christian nation” thanks to Obama, and a nation of “moral demise,” which means we will fall just like Rome.”

    This seems to me to be a shout out for holy war. And again, maybe I’m reading too much into this. Maybe this is just some doofus flapping his doofus jaw… but it seems like a reference to actual apocalyptic rhetoric (because otherwise, why reference Rome at all?)

    From the Quran, chapter 30 (Ar-Rum), verse 2 to 4:
    “2 The Romans are vanquished,
    3 In a nearby land, and they, after being vanquished, shall overcome,
    4 Within a few years. Allah’s is the command before and after; and on that day the believers shall rejoice”

    So there’s an apocalyptic prophecy here that the big final war will take place in a “nearby land” (widely interpreted to be a city called Dabiq, just about six miles from the Turkish border in Northeast Syria, near Alleppo). Another verse says:

    “The Last Hour would not come until the Romans land at al-A’maq or in Dabiq. An army consisting of the best (soldiers) of the people of the earth at that time will come from Medina (to counteract them).”

    “Rome” is widely interpreted to mean “Christians” and the prophecy says the army of the faithful will defeat them, peacefully take Constantinople (now called Istanbul, for everyone who didn’t listen to They Might Be Giants in high school) and Jerusalem… And then they will defeat the anti-Christ, bringing about the return of (drumroll please)…

    Jesus Christ. (Because Jesus Christ is a high prophet in Islam, in case you didn’t know that, westies)

    So if this all sounds really similar to Revelation in the Bible… well that’s because these are all the same religion underneath, just geographically separated. The fight between Islam and Christianity is pretty much the same as the fight between Catholic and Protestant. *shakes head*

    Humans. We’ll find something to kill each other over, no probs.

    • Yeah, we will. But then again, sometimes these things are necessary. And I don’t think you’re over the top with this view because, it fits the narrative some of these candidates are pushing. Thank the (male) Spaghetti monster that I’m not in any of these circles who have this idea of this being a sign of the end-times. It gives me a better view of what all of this actually is, kind of like what they were talking about on the Late Show last night.

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