A Right-Wing Terrorist, Responds To Our Post In Yabberz (uncensorsed)

right wing terrorist insurgency has taken over America

After I published a post on Yabberz, a right-wing terrorist who goes by the name Kleo commented their self-manufactured view of what they think the article I wrote, said, which is why none of these people have any valuable insight and are only here to destroy and terrorize for their own goal.

Again, don’t kid yourself, everything from right of center and all the way to the right, is the enemy.

Since comments on that system can be flagged and deleted, I’ve posted the uncensored version of my comment to them here but have the more controlled response there.

right wing terrorist insurgency has taken over America

Signs of Madison’s Tea Party:”You Should Be Scared of Me” The sign reads “If Your [sic] A Socialist Liberal Politician You Should Be Scared of Me -Very Scared” In case you think he’s kidding the flipside of this sign revealed it was made on a box for a hunting chair.

First of all FUCK you.

Second, go fuck yourself and drop dead, in either order, you have the freedom to choose.

Third, Chuck Todd is a nerd and seems to think Republicans have anything legitimate to say so both you and him can go fuck yourselves.

Fourth your president (who’s black by the way, who’s that feel white guy​?), basically handed the context over into terrorist Republicans (you’re a terrorist).

Fifth, Venezuela isn’t a right wing country, their cabinet elections have won a large right-wing majority but the administration there is still largely socialist and there are more than plenty of reasons to believe that he’s had people murdered, as recently as a few weeks ago reportedly, so obviously simple information doesn’t go through your extremist insurgent filter of shit you call a brain, or you can’t read.

Sixth, right-wing extremists are putting pressure on left-wing governments to reject refugees because they’re all bigoted racists, just like you.

Seventh, go fuck yourself.

Eighth, drop dead.

Ninth, not in the same order.

Tenth, journalist or not, at least I’m not a conservative Nazi terrorist, such as yourself.

Finally, this ‘journalist’ and their team has a job to do, which will probably result in a knock on your door by the feds so, keep your nose clean or turn yourself in before it gets worst.

Featured image “Signs of Madison’s Tea Party:”You Should Be Scared of Me” by Comet Star Moon via Flickr is under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License

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