Tea Party Terrorist Plants Loaded Question About Libya, Clinton & Obama and It Blows Up In Their Face


This morning a person who refers to themselves as Jesse Toler posted the following question to one of our posts, on Facebook.

Wasn’t it Obama and Clinton who bombed Libya and put the Jihadis in power?

Obviously it’s a loaded question and here was our response.

First of all, if you’re trying to provide some rationale to legitimize the right-wing insurgency of the extremism we’re currently seeing in the GOP today, then you’ve come to the wrong place to do so because we’re #DeclaringWarOnTheGOP here.

Which means that all you’re here to do is troll and again, try to legitimize the #TeaParty insurgency.

Aside from that, to answer the question itself, it was an American led coalition but would not have happened without the involvement of NATO and the UN, which can be argued to be mostly under the power of the United States which swayed the decision to in favor of the U.S.

In hindsight, given that the Arab Spring spread across 18 countries at the time and there was a massive crack down on protesters, such as there was in Libya; I don’t see how John McCain would not have done the same thing the Obama administration did in either leading the attack or at the very least, have some involvement.

The blame put on Bush for declaring war in Afghanistan and on Iraq, which dragged on for the entirety of his administration, which invested its time with a torture program, mass surveillance and making more of an effort to create #Daesh is different from the blame you’re looking for in following through with strikes on Libya to aid the rebellion.

Even without the U.S’s involvement, groups like Daesh would have still taken advantage of the instability which is essentially what happened with Iraq and Syria, which was overrun first, before they spread into Libya.

But then again, you might have anticipated something like this and posed your question to openly declare that you are with the insurgent Tea Party, because if that is indeed what’s going on here then you would consider McCain to be part of the Washington problem because they’re not ‘conservative’ enough.

The entire purpose of the insurgent tea party has been to take down and defy the Obama administration, but also liberals, no matter what. So that also leaves what’s left of the actual purpose of your question, which is to also make a motion to settle for support for another round of #BenghaziHearings to try and drag Hillary Clinton under, one more time during an election year, to go along with the release of the domestic terrorist group’s insurgent media wing Breitbart and their book on her due out in early 2016.

As an extension of that your loaded question, is the final motive which is to insinuate some blame to the Obama administration for the existence of Daesh.


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