Is There Even A War On Drugs Anymore?

War On Drugs is now a war on teabags?

(TruthOut) – This article is posted by the Thom Hartmann guy who I’m a bit reluctant to refer to for anything, but the Daily Take Team appears to have recycled the war on drugs topic for a new generation, perhaps not counting on millenials to do the research themselves

I’m being a little unfair I know, but the reason for that isn’t as obvious to you as it is to me. So I’ll tell you that if you need a bit of a brush up on the history of the Nixon administration’s plotting and scheming against the left, then you’re sure to get one here.

Also don’t doubt that one angle on the war on drugs had to be racism. Why wouldn’t it be? That’s nothing new and racism is rampant in the news right now.

So for me, this is all common sense and a takes a bit too much of a conspiratorial tone for my tastes. Is there still a lot of work to do with this war on drugs? Sure, but we’ve been hearing about it for quite a while to think that it’s still part of any agenda and we’ll come back to that later to explain why.

But is there still a war on drugs? Certainly not of the like we’re used to hearing about, right?

[(Image: SWAT team, tea bags via Shutterstock; Edited: JR / TO)]

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