Jeb Bush Says Trump Fills The Space

(NPR) – [7:36 AM – CST] In a follow up 2nd part of the interview posted earlier, Jeb Bush went further to say that Donald Trump is a creation of president Obama, thus, blaming Obama for Donald Trump.

“But for Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s effect would not be nearly as strong as it is,”

NBCNEWS posted about this earlier but apparently, this isn’t the first time Jeb Bush has said this as other sources have reported on this in mid December.

[6:30 AM – CST] Jeb Bush was on NPR’s morning edition with a interview on the presidential candidate. If you’re like us where you’re already biased about what to expect when he starts heading your way, then this is nothing different.

Jeb Bush didn’t talk shit like the other Republican candidates have, but he did tow the same like about putting troops on the ground.

He also goes down a laundry list of what isn’t or what he claims to not be a strategy from the Obama administration to get rid of Daesh. For the most part, terrorism was the bulk of the interview where Jeb Bush says that Daesh is an existential threat and was rightfully questioned by the interviewer whether he wasn’t overreacting.

But then listen to when Jeb Bush says that it isn’t so much that Daesh is going to invade the United States, but here’s where we already see the disconnect between both parties, the one that is revealed all of the time where we all know and are also pretty sure the president also knows, what the threat is.

Does the Republican party actually think that the president doesn’t know what kind of threat they are? And then we go down this rabbit hole of outrageous claims by Republicans who would say the same thing about technology, about the prison system, or the immigration system.

But let’s just be super clear with the fact that here on New Years eve, he’s just one sign that the Republicans are still trying to sell something that no smart person is going to buy and Jeb Bush is the most timid barker of the whole lot.

[Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr is under a Creative Commons Attrubution-ShareAlike 2.9 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) License]

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