Marco Rubio Uses Bill Cosby Tactic Over Abuse Of Power

(Courant) – This particular story was originally published by The Washington Post which gets enough traffic anyway, but we first read about this piece of garbage named Marco Rubio in Courant.

Here’s a quote that especially stood out for us.

“Orlando made some very big mistakes almost 30 years ago, served his time, and has paid his debt to society,” Rubio’s presidential campaign adviser, Todd Harris, said in an email. “Today he is a private citizen, husband and father, simply trying to make a living. It is appalling and shameful that The Washington Post continues to drag him into the spotlight.”

Yeah, so in order to deflect the argument, Marco Rubio’s adviser decides that the guy needs to be left alone.

Check out the details in the article(s) yourselves. The fact that Marco Rubio did not disclose the information that the ex-con is his brother-in-law among other things while Cicilia — the former drug trafficker — was trying to get past real estate regulators to get his license, is shady. Of course, the shadiness is far more profound when Marco Rubio went to him to get into a home.

Also, keep in mind that requests by Washington Post and whoever else has been trying to get this information, has been blown off by Marco Rubio, where he’s been quiet about this stuff. Looks like he’s taking some cues from Bill Cosby by staying quiet when he feels the heat around the corner.

[Featured image is a combination of World Affairs Council and Girard College present Bill Cosby / DSC03704 by The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia / Marc Nozell via Flickr/Flickr are both under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License]

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