Rouhani Harvesting what His Deceptions Earns

Iranian officials have to meet elaborate security measures before any visit to any universities within the country. Hassan Rouhani, the president, has to deploy multiple number of suppressive forces as he is detested enough in Iran for his deceptions and hollow promises.  In the latest event Rouhani spoke, recently, to a group of high school students who were forcibly gathered in the city of “Rey” in the outskirt of capital Tehran.

Although the crowd was supposed to praise the president, nevertheless, Rouhani was encountered by posters and banners showing slogans against him. Some of the posters students were holding read, “852 days passed your 100 day promise “, or “no more lies”. Rouhani had promised that he would sort out Iran’s problems, including the economy, in 100 days, when he first came to office.

In his speech for students in Rey Rouhani said, “I’m happy that you heard on TV, last night, that inflation rate that was %45, when this government started to work, is now less than %10, (Iran state TV, Dec 23). Rouhani’s obscenity is when a large number of Iranian people’s earnings are below the poverty line and the high cost of living has already frustrated the people. Committing suicide, for the flagrant poverty, has become routine among the habitants, and in particular women of Iran. Rouhani’s deceptive claims for progress in Iran’s economy comes when, just a few days before his appearance in “Rey” City, the World Monetary Fund announced, and it was reflected in some of Iran’s state run papers, that Iran’s economy would have a negative growth rate in 2016. Students were forced to gather for Rouhani while, due to air pollution in Tehran and the suburb, schools were closed and students had to stay home. On the day when Rouhani visited Rey the youth showed their anger from his government by tearing off the banners and pictures hung on the walls relating to the visit.

Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran

Sharif University of Technology where Rouhani reportedly spoke to protesting students.[Image by Masoud K via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]

A few days earlier when Rouhani went to visit Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology his Speech was disrupted to such an extent that Rouhani was compelled to cut short his speech and make a quick exit. This happened despite the fact that security elements, apprehensive of student protests, had barred entry of most students to the hall and had carefully selected people allowed to attend. As such, over 1500 seats were empty while students that had gathered outside the hall chanted, “political prisoner must be freed”. . Nevertheless, many students that found their way to the hall booed and ridiculed Hassan Rouhani’s deceptive speech about the reduction in inflation rate and the achievements of his failed government.

The detest and hatred for Rouhani is not limited to Iran’s universities. Wherever he goes Iranian citizens, especially youths, welcome him with slogans such as “student rather dies than be humiliated” and “death to dictator”. Rouhani is considered among Iranians as an imposter.  While the role of Iran’s mercenaries in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen is to support the local terrorists and to divide between different Moslem sects, Rouhani’s government organizes seminars, in Tehran, on the occasion of “Week for the Unity of the Islamic World”.

Faced with uprisings in different parts of Iran, Rouhani‘s government strains to stifle the people by keeping up the gallows. More than 2000 executions in the past two years by Rouhani’s government, has attracted worldwide condemnation. In a latest event a group of 35 Members of Parliament and Senators from Spain have signed a statement expressing their “deep concern” over “the terrible situation of human rights in Iran”. The UN special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran has recently expressed alarmed about the “exponential increase” of executions in Iran and estimated that over 1000 people could be hanged in Iran this year alone.

The Spanish lawmakers declared, “While the EU and the world powers were negotiating over a nuclear deal with Iran, the government of the ‘moderate’ President Hassan Rouhani was busy hanging hundreds of its citizens, many of them in public”.  They also called on EU High Representative Federica Mugheroni to “publicly denounce human rights violations in Iran, call on the regime to halt the public executions and call on those responsible for these crimes against humanity to be brought before international courts.”

"Rouhani Harvesting what His Deceptions Earns" by Ramin Jalali is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License based on a work at Creative Commons License

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