Sponsors Deny Support of Donald Trump for Cleveland Convention

Donald Trump leading the RNC's convention in Cleveland this summer?

(POLITICO) – A few months ago there was this idea that was scaring the shit out of the Republican party. The idea being that Donald Trump could very well be the face of it.

And now here we are and the Republican National Convention is apparently, freaking out about the fact that it might very well be Donald Trump. But as the Politico article also points out, so are some lobbyists and companies who will be involved with sponsoring the Republican party’s major party convention this summer in Cleveland.

“Do you want your company logo underneath Trump’s name?” a GOP consultant said, adding that companies are working through that very question as they decide whether to cut six-figure checks for convention-related events. “Publicly traded companies guard their brand reputation first and there could be a risk if they align with a Trump convention.”One Washington office head said he would expect “lower enthusiasm” for spending money if either Trump or Cruz ends up being the Republican nominee.
The rest of the article however, talks about other companies involved who say they are not there in support of the candidate but rather that they’re there to capitalize on the energy.

Originally, I read a brief post on DailyKOS which spotlighted those companies and lobbyists who were questioning whether they should step away from the Republican’s National Convention this year, refusing any association with Donald Trump.

No doubt the DailyKOS writer was pretty excited about that, but more than that, it was a very appropriate and necessary attempt to throw some shade on the Republican Party’s own demise.

This video where Chomsky is questioned about Donald Trump, is the answer in a handful of minutes as to why the party has already been destroyed.

This video has been going around for a while (and I also refer to it in a previous post on here) but it’s reflective of the climate of our politics today and  it’s also still relevant for why the media continues to bring up the fact that Donald Trump is leading the party, which as we all know, is troubling.

But there lies the problem, in that the media continues to highlight this, monthly, weekly and daily and from it, creating a money making venture that’s hard to deny.

Those in the article who are expressing how afraid they are of having their brand associated with Donald Trump, would have a lot to answer for if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump’s followers are anti-media and about as rabid about it as they are anti-Muslim.

But that’s only for the rest of us commonsense people out here who are anti-Trump, and those of us who are that and also genuinely, anti-Republican.

Were they to submit and just do the event, they would probably learn — as the ​Politico ​article clearly shows that the other brands have — that they can also say to the rest of us, that they’re just there to tap into the same energy.

In a sense, this provides a new opportunity to look at things in a different way, mostly because there’s little to no chance that the next administration will be a Republican one, so they should be able to turn this around and make all the money they want from it.

Also, that Politico report states that there are nine committee officials who can confirm these talks about how they can manage this are happening, but are afraid to do it publicly in fear of antagonizing the candidate.

[Featured image by Eric Drost via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]

“Donald Trump RNC Nomination Is Makes Cleveland Sponsors Nervous” by ZOEDUNE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, based on a work at http://bit.ly/1nFjkmE Creative Commons License

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