The GOP’s Only Hope, Isn’t Qualified To Be President Either

Marco Rubio running for Republican president.

(TheInquisitr) – It’s weird to think that Donald J. Trump didn’t make it out on top of the Iowa caucus. I would have preferred him to win, over Ted Cruz.

But of the three, there’s already some support gathering behind Marco Rubio as the ‪‎GOP‬’s best hope for the face of the party.

Right about the time the referred to Inquisitr article was shared out, someone responded to it on Twitter, clearly upset that I might be trying to direct support behind Marco Rubio.

I’m actually quite flattered that he considered me as part of the influential media machine, but I checked the Twitter user’s account and saw some tweets about how ridiculous it was to use a coin toss in Iowa, to decide between the two winning Democratic candidates, and other tweets about the last GOP debate, just to get a handle on where this guy was coming from.

I couldn’t really tell where that was but I could see that he’s no fan of the media.

No matter what our party affiliation might be, there’s always something about the media we won’t like. But the article is as clear as it can be on who the Republican party might be looking at to represent its brand.

Because it’s no secret that GOP insiders are nervous about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz potentially being the face of their party, as their base following is too extreme to do anything but incite the wrong kind of chaos in the country.

Want some reading music?

But the article covers the polling in Iowa, campaign ads and what’s next for Rubio in the state of New Hampshire. Plus, if you’re able to see the future of the party from this, then you might be able to see even farther.

I’m gonna help you out with that because right now we’re looking at who the GOP is going to settle for. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of insiders who excited about the idea of Rubio being the face of their terrible party because there is some hope that he can make the Republican brand more presentable.

At the very least, they will use him to bait Latino voters.

Back To Basics

We can all admit again that the right wing Republican ‘party’ is pretty much done for.

That is, as far as one that poses any threat to Democrats — other than the threat of their extremist candidates and base who have been trolling America, going to absolute extremes of making public spectacles of themselves for the last seven years; of holding any executive power.

In a previous write up by Survival Journalism, readers are reminded that Marco Rubio is still blocking the nomination of a few select Ambassadors for our neighbors in the South, which doesn’t make him any more moderate or any less extreme from the rest of his insurgent party.

For those of us who are caught up in the ‘clash of the poll numbers’ on who’s beating who from Iowa and onward, let’s be sure we don’t forget the ugly platform these guys are running on, along with the grotesque idea that Marco Rubio is even considered the party’s heavyweight on foreign policy, which is briefly mentioned in The Inquisitr source.

Here’s a quote about one of his hard-lined stances, the main one actually, against our friends in the South from an op-ed in the Miami Herald.

On Jan. 8, Sen. Rubio issued a press release slamming the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson and nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Mexico for not providing detailed explanation about the mystery of how the Cuban government came in possession of a U.S. hellfire missile. The public letter demanded to know when she had known about it, how many times she had raised it in her discussions with the Cubans, among other things, and concluded by asserting that the fact that she had apparently tried to hide this information from Congress and the public discussion was “disgraceful.”

I can already hear him emphasizing ‘disgraceful’ in that passionate, misinformed way he talks about everything.

The Guardian provides details on this hellfire missile problem and the obvious concerns, but as the op-ed in the Miami Herald says, there’s no real reason here for Marco Rubio to hold up the process of activating a ambassador over this because, ahem… we need a fucking ambassador!

Foreign Policy Con Artist

Marco Rubio versus Fidel Castro

Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel (1997) Still from Swiss Documentary “Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel” by Christian Frei. The daughter of a Cuban revolutionary emigrates to Miami. The fate of father and daughter, torn between revolution and counterrevolution, between a utopia and a real crisis, is mirrored by the contrary tales of two radio stations. The film takes a penetrating but impartial look at contemporary Cuban reality. [image by Christian Frei Switzerland via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]

The Washington Post piece I referred to clearly points out his handicap in his foreign policy decisions.

At a time when most Americans support a landmark shift in U.S. policy on Cuba, Rubio has positioned himself as that move’s biggest foe. He champions a Cold War approach that many think is outdated, even as it runs counter to his image as the youthful leader of a new generation.

“I said, ‘Marco, how can you hit Hillary Clinton for being the candidate of yesterday when you are supporting policies that date to the 1960s?’ ” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee with Rubio.

For the 21st century, the handicap is the tired use of ancient policies to negotiate today’s deals. You can see from his track record per Matt Welch of Reason — who goes down a list of how he measured out against Rand Paul over the past several years — that it’s all the same barrel-chested, smoke-filled chamber legislation, we see in black and white 20th century stock footage.

Everything listed is, at the earliest, out of the Bush administration, which was one that thoroughly pillaged the last remnants of a bygone era, which did nothing but serve the bloodthirsty neo-cons, securing their own dynasties.

And Marco Rubio is hard set on this, treating foreign policy like he’s making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while wearing boxing gloves.

Fuck no, we’re not doing this again.

New Hampshire Guesstimate

About the time The Inquisitr article was posted, Marco Rubio might have been on his way to New Hampshire where the other lagging Republican candidates were getting a head start, already talking to their base.

Ted Cruz’s attack ad on Rubio, calling him the ‘Republican Obama’, is mentioned. And now, thanks to this article on ABC affiliate WMUR9, Marco Rubio walked right into another attack by this time New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who said what The Inquisitr and others have been saying, that Rubio is considered the pick by the Republican establishment.

So obviously it’s popular to be the extremist against the Republican party because Rubio quickly dismissed it, trying to pander to the same voters.

“I am not the establishment candidate. I’ve had $40 million of establishment money spent attacking me, more than every other candidate combined,” said Rubio. “So I got to the U.S. Senate running against the establishment. I’ve had to run for president against an establishment that thought I needed to wait my turn in line.”

Despite this, it’s obvious and safe to say that the GOP wants Rubio, bad.

Thus far, Marco Rubio is obviously nothing more than a wanna be neo-conservative, who settles for a simple point of view to legislate with, either sticking to his guns because he really doesn’t know anything outside of those guidelines — could be the case if he’s still holding onto his grandfather’s Reagan loving, and long expired ideology, or he doesn’t want to know anything outside of those guidelines for fear that common sense might interfere or even; he’s decided to play the part just for the paychecks.

I think it’s also safe to say that should the GOP decide to get behind him, it would be a bold, stupid and desperate move on their part to support a shitty candidate who isn’t worth a flush.

And it won’t get any better for him than it did in Iowa, and so far what we’ve seen into the new year, the RepubliClown insurgency stands a snowball’s chance in hell of doing anything aside from keeping us entertained for the rest of it.

By the way, it should be noted that the twitter user labels themselves as a pastor, which means they’re likely a conservative voter.

"Will The GOP's Future Rely on Marco Rubio?" by ZOEDUNE / "The GOP's Only Hope, Isn't Qualified Either" by Survival Journalism are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a works at, [Featured image by Jamelle Bouie via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]

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