Capt. Jerry Yellin Almost Redeems Himself With A True American, Me

(CBSDFW) – There’s a touring event for war plane enthusiasts called Wings Of Freedom, which was at the Frontiers of Flight Museum this last weekend, according to CBSDFW.

The story centers around a 92-year old veteran named Jerry Yellin, who flew a p-51 Mustang during World War II, which he apparently fought in a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when he was 19.

The article talks about him reminiscing of his time flying the plane, saying that “Ohio” was the code word he expected to hear when the war was over, which he apparently never heard.
Here’s some video of the veteran, taking the back seat for the flight.

I once worked an event years ago at that flight museum. It was full of big names with deep pockets, who were probably donors and investors, you know, those names you see at the open credits of PBS shows? Maybe even engraved in a piece of marble that makes up the building?

When the Government promises to take care of you for doing their dirty work overseas, you’ve got to hold them to that and so anyone still alive today, who took part in that war, are certainly deserve compensation.

So Captain Jerry Yellin has made a career of telling his war stories to kids who don’t know any better, a lackey for the military who sells his pitch so the people who cut his checks can keep sending in pulses, without any guarantees that we’ll be getting them back.

Jerry Yellin would to me, normally seem like the guy who found a way to keep feeding into the military machine and for the most part, he has but, he’s also come out to support help for soldiers who suffer from PTSD, something that ball busting macho pricks liked to ignore for the longest time.

So for me, this guy has appropriately gone the full-cycle of redeeming himself which is as it should be.

Not the other way around, you know? Just because I didn’t go fight in World War II or wasn’t even born when it happened, doesn’t mean I owe this guy shit.


Retired U.S. Army Air Corps Capt. Jerry Yellin attends the 71st Commemoration of the Battle of Iwo Jima at Iwo To, Japan, March 19, 2016. The Iwo Jima Reunion of Honor is an opportunity for Japanese and U.S. veterans and their families, dignitaries, leaders and service members from both nations to honor the battle while recognizing 71 years of peace and prosperity in the U.S. – Japanese alliance. (This work, Iwo Jima 71st Reunion of Honor [Image 1 of 2], by LCpl Juan Esqueda, identified by DVIDS, is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.)

There’s a good chance that generation is more humble to at least agree with me. But these guys who come back today, like to see people bow down with a parade, for the recognition to make you believe you and I owe them something.

Fuck that.

What does concern me however (not really, but only enough to address it) are two things.

  1. He’s point out the obvious on the difference between manually flying a plane and the use of computers.
  2. He still has “a fight” in him.

To address the first thing, yeah dude; it’s a little something called progress.

By pointing out the obvious, it tells me that he’s a little on the high horse, perhaps suggesting that he’s a better pilot or person for flying without computers?

Of course, it brings about drones which are also related to having a disconnect between you and the person you kill, and unless you’re bare knuckling it with someone on the ground, there’s still that disconnect.

It seems to me that Yellin’s joining the fight was no doubt, driven by anger at the Japanese from the bombing of Pearl Harbor. So his anger was also no doubt present, when he took his p-51 Mustang to “kill some Japs?”

I mean let’s face it. Yellin no doubt heard them talking like that, maybe even used the term himself with reckless abandon back then right? Maybe part of his transcendental meditation for his PTSD was to soften the trigger to prevent him from compulsively saying that word?

But in much the same way — even though he lost — the Israeli guy in the combat video above, would likely put in his head that his opponent would be Arabic so that he could motivate himself to kill. Make no mistake, that’s what the Israeli army is there to do.

And since this his opponent is American, how can get angry or take this combat seriously when his country is shoveling over 3.6 billion dollars a year?

Now we come to that “fight” they’re still talking about. What fight would that be sir? Would it be the one wanting to go take out Daesh? Boko Haram?

I feel that, but that still doesn’t mean we send indoctrinated soldiers to go to Iraq again, in a  region which has a governing body, who should be taking it on themselves.

I’m going to say that he’s probably got the fight in him to yell at people in a darker pigment spectrum, when they walk in front of his house or look at his yard weird. Maybe the fight his has is punching out a Muslim or a black guy, even a Japanese person at a Trump rally.

"Capt. Jerry Yellin Almost Redeems Himself With A True American, Me" by Survival Journalism is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Commons License | [Featured image by Ken Mist via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

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