Donald Trump Primary Win Guarantees GOP Has Lost The Presidency, Again

Donald Trump's primary win is a guarantee that the GOP has lost the White House

(Inquisitr) – As the GOP scrambles to salvage election after Donald Trump wins the primary, there’s good reason to believe that they’ve already lost the White House, as a true nightmare scenario unfolds right before their eyes. There’s no doubt that since the “true” conservative hopeful Ted Cruz, bailed out of the race; shell-shocked Republicans wake up to a reality they still can’t believe exists, with Donald Trump standing before them as their party nominee.

Many delusional optimists are hoping that Donald Trump will become more presidential over the next 5-months, and give them a solid shot at the Oval Office. But let’s get real here, there’s no way with the kinds of divisions that have formed within the party over President Obama’s two full-terms, that Trump’s supporters are going to vote for someone that isn’t Donald Trump. He’s been getting them worked up, with nationalist sensibilities that are reserved for the worst, of the worst.

We’ve already seen the divide with traditional, “compassionate” Republicans (not Ted Cruz) who have been running in the opposite direction. So we know who to watch out for and who is going to stick with Donald Trump despite the extremes he will go to, on his way to the White House. Everyone knows this guy is a fucking train wreck and so is the entire GOP, to even think he’s their guy, not denouncing any of the bigoted shit bags supporting that piece-of-shit.

But there are still leaders in the GOP who are going to find their center and support that Nazi, which makes it very clear the lengths the GOP will go — as they already have for the past 8-years — to support fascism to seize power from progress. As the article shows, some are already saying that they’ve lost the White House yet again, but it should be clear to everyone that they’ve lost it, indefinitely.

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[Image by TVOL via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

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